Fallout 76 – How To Create And Save Base Blueprint/ No Cost Free Base

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 has been released on PC, PS4 and Xbox one by Publisher and Developer Bethesda Games Studios and Softworks. it would be an open world action RPG game based on the Fallout series.

The new game will be four times the size of Fo4 in the game world know as Appalachia which represents West Virginia. the game brings old and new mechanics, a new whole new story and a new world to explore.

How To Create And Save Base Blueprint/ No Cost Free Base In Fallout 76

Throughout your playthrough of the game, you will be able to create the camp/base where you can craft, rest and decide what to do next.

But as the game does not save your base camp after you log out of the game. you will need to save and create a Blueprint of it to recreate it again. furthermore, this mechanics is pretty useful as it gives you a moveable base.

so below you will find a guide in which you will learn how to create a Blueprint and recreate a base in a new location. you would also learn about an easy way to save resources while building it again.

Save And Create Base/Camp Blueprint

To make a camp blueprint in the game first you will need to go into the building mode. first, you will need to go into Build Mode and then press the appropriate button according to your platform(PC or console) and switch from Build mode to modify mode.

Once you do this press and hold the blueprint button and you will enter a new menu.

From here you need to select everything present in your base and create a blueprint of it. just note that blueprint comes with its own budget and you can check it in the upper right corner of the screen.

Once you have selected everything just hit the create blueprint button and it will create a brand new blueprint of your base.

How To Move The Camp/Base in Fallout 76

Once you have created the blueprint of your entire base move to your new desired location where you want to set up the base.

Here you will need to choose the move camp option and then use the camp blueprint from the Bluid tab under Blueprints.

Before you set up the base you need to know that the camp will not spawn if the terrain is not compatible to your base layout and building the whole base again would need all the materials you previously used to build the base.

No Cost Free Base

There is a weird interaction with the base building from Blueprint. if you have created a blueprint and then select the Move Camp option. then you will see the blueprint present in the Stored tab.

From here you can recreate your whole Base by selecting every piece and that too without any extra cost of building materials.

While rebuilding it you will be able to adjust your new base according to the surrounding. the only problem is that it would take more time.

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