Overkill’s The Walking Dead – Location Of All The Lore Items

Overkill's The Walking Dead

Overkill’s The Walking Dead has finally arrived on PS4, Xbox One, PC. it will be the latest first-person game developed by Overkill Software and Publisher 505 Games and Starbreeze Publishing.

The story of the game is set in the post-apocalyptic Washington D.C which has now become a wasteland with very low resources and a lot of dead and living enemies. you will need to gather loots, supplies and help other friendly survivors.

Location Of All The Lore Items In Overkill’s The Walking Dead

Throughout the game, you will be able to unlock many different weapons, consumables and other items which will help you progress through the game.

The Lore items/ Lost and Found items are some of the secret interactable objects which unlocks Sarah Bridger, skins and give more details on the story of the game.

Below you will find a list of all the Lore items present in the game and their respective locations.

Important note – the lore items seem to either to be bugged or have some sort of RNG to it. if you want to get the item always be the host or make sure the host has not obtained the item which you want.

Furthermore, the guide is still a work in progress and will be updated soon.

Main Character Lore Items In Overkill’s The Walking Dead

Hell or high water – Chewing Tobacco

Listening In – Chewing Tobacco

Open Season – Baseball1

Last Stop – Note from Marc

Doctor’s Order – Architectural Plans

Join or Die – Karaoke Award


Hell or high water – Pack of Cards, behind a table, on the left side of the final area.

Listening In – Class ring, in the locked room, directly in the view of the elevator.

Open Season – Toy Soldier, In the helicopter at the beginning of the game.

Last Stop – Get Well Soon Card, on a couch with two bodies which comes before facing the Brigade in the ambush tunnel.

Doctor’s Order – Amusement Park Photo

Join or Die – American Flag, located at the end near the cabin, next to Caleb’s Car.


Hell or high water – Berries Bushes and bites, on the bench present in the second enemy camp courtyard.

Listening In –

Open Season –

Last Stop –

Doctor’s Order

Join or Die –


Hell or high water – Charm bracelet, located inside the rightmost building in the last enemy camp, you will find it upstairs in the bedroom.

Listening In – volunteer photo, in the medical bed area present on the right side where you begin the level.

Open Season – Beeper, on the rooftop where you fight the family, present inside the right gate near a bloody hand.

Last Stop – Scalpel, in a small medical area near the end of the mission.

Doctor’s Order – Medical Textbook, in the second big mall area, after forklift, present downstair on a dead body near some barbed wire and sandbags.

Join or Die – Marathon number, located behind the shipping containers, near the two sniper towers which are connected.


Hell or high water –

Listening In –

Open Season –

Last Stop –

Doctor’s Order

Join or Die –

All Other Lore Items Overkill’s The Walking Dead
Aunt Edna

Hell or high water – Wig

Last Stop – Hearing Aid

Join or Die – dentures

Beauty Queen

Hell or high water – muddy sash

Listening In – Cracked Tiara

Open Season – Wilted Bouquet


Doctor’s Order – Syringe

Last Stop – Microscope, present near the medical area at the end of the mission.

Join or Die – Vials Of Blood

Bounty Hunter

Bridger’s Camp – Bridger’s Map

Doctor’s Order – Calling Card

Hell or High water – Calling Card

Listening In – Calling Card

Last Stop – Kirk’s Goodbye

Join or Die – Bounty hunters payment

Dr. Brody

Listening In – Dr. Brody’s Tonic

Last Stop – Brody’s Cream

Join or Die – Dr. Brody’s Bandages.


Hell or high water – Card Game

Listening In – Board Game

Doctor’s Order – Handheld


Doctor’s Order – Pocket Knife

Listening In – The Art of War

Join Or Die – Pair Of Socks

The Brigade

Doctor’s Order – Carved Bear

Listening In – Toothbrush

Join Or Die – Pair Of Socks

The Family

Hell or high water – Tournament Flyer

Listening In – Burned CD, present on side path when the forklift breaks on the far right side.

Open Season – Tattoo Sketch

Man’s Best Friend

Doctor’s Order – Dog Bowl, near Caleb’s car

Listening In – Collar

Last Stop – Bone

Mississippi Mud

Doctor’s Order – Broken Drumstick

Listening In – Broken Guitar

Open Season – Broken Harmonica


Doctor’s Order – Pills

Last Stop – Legal Notice

Join or Die – Wedding Rings

Search Party

Hell or high water – Compass

Listening In – Water Gun

Open Season – Magnifying Glass


Doctor’s Order – Fencing Helmet

Hell or high water – Barbeque Sauce

Hell or high water – Home Dental Kit

Listening In – Cans on a String

Last Stop – Finger Collection

Last Stop – Mannequin Head

Join Or Die – Communion Chalice

Join or Die – Floppy Disk

Join or Die – Quartz Crystal

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