Warframe Fortuna – Locations Of All Fish And Their Drops/ Fishing Guide

Warframe Fortuna

Warframe Fortuna updated has been released by the Publisher and Developer Digital Extremes. it is a massive update with a new map, new weapons, technology and much more.

The latest update is set in the underground city of Fortuna where you will meet the Solaris society of body augmented individuals who live under the corpus rule. but a resistance is starting to grow which aims to escape free Solaris from the corrupts.

Locations Of All Fish And Their Drops/ Fishing Guide in Warframe Fortuna

Just like most big updates for the game in Warframe Fortuna too you will find plenty of missions, side quests, and other activities.

Fishing is one of the many activities present in the game where players will be able to catch fish and complete achievements and gather resources. in Fortuna, you will be able to catch 13 species of Servofish.

Below you will find the location of all the fish, drops and other fishing-related tips which will make your tasks easy. just note that the guide is still a Work in progress and will be updated soon.

Maps Location 1-5 (click to enlarge in Imgur)

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Map  Location 4-11 (click to enlarge in Imgur)

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Location Mentioned In Map And Their Respective Fish

1 – Eye-Eye, Tink, Recaster

2 – Brickie

3 – Eye-Eye, Tink, Tromyzon, Recaster

4 – Sapcaddy

5 – Sapcaddy

6 – Eye-Eye, Tink, Tromyzon, Recaster

7 – Eye-Eye, Brickie, Tink

8 – Brickie

9 – Eye-Eye, Brickie, Tink, Tromyzon, Recaster

10 – Eye-Eye, Tink, Tromyzon, Recaster

11 – Eye-Eye, Tink, Tromyzon, Recaster

CavesHotspots РSynathiad, Charamote

CavePools – Scrubber, Mirewinder

Drops From Fish

Brickie – Scrap, Muon Battery

Charamote – Scrap, Sagan Module

Echowinder – Scrap, anoscopic sensor

Eye-Eye – Scrap, Rotoblade

Kriller – Scrap, Thermal Laser

Mirewinder -Scrap, Parallel Biode

Recaster – Scrap, Neural Relay

Sapcaddy – Scrap, Venedo Case

Scrubber – Scrap, EXA Brain

Tink – Scrap, Dissipator Coil

Tromyzon – Scrap, EntroPlasma

Temperature-Related Fish Location

Tip – You can see the current time and the weather by holding down the map key (Default M). the warm time is usually 4 minutes and the cold time is usually 22 minutes.

Echowinder – can be found in lakes with warm temp.

Kriller – can be found in lakes with warm temp.

Longwinder – can be found in lakes with warm temp.

Fish found in caves, Lakes, Pond


  • Charamote – Scrap / Sagan Module
  • Scrubber – Scrap / Exa brain
  • Mirewinder – Scrap / Parrallel Biode
  • Echowinder – Scrap / Anoscopic Sensors
  • Longwinder – Scrap / Lathe coagulant
  • Kriller – Scrap / Thermal Laser
  • Sapcaddy – Scrap / Venedo Case
  • Brickie – Scrap / Muon Battery
  • Tink – Scrap / Disspator Coil

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