Overkill’s The Walking Dead – How To Unlock Bridger Walkthrough

Overkill's The Walking Dead

Overkill’s The Walking Dead has been finally released on PS4, Xbox One and PC. it is based on the popular comics The Walking Dead and is a four-player co-op action FPS game.

The world is set in a post-apocalyptic Washington D.C where you need to fight both the dead and the living. you will need to craft different items and utilize your character to survive and overcome every problem.

How To Unlock Bridger Walkthrough In Overkill’s The Walking Dead

Throughout the game, you will be able to use many different weapons, abilities, tools and other items to progress through the story.

The game gives players four main characters Maya, Aiden, Grant, and Heather. but you can unlock a fifth character named Bridger the tactician.

Below you will find a guide on how to unlock her. you will find a complete walkthrough for all the required items to unlock the character in Overkill’s The Walking Dead.

How To Begin The Quest

To unlock Bridger you will need to pick up the bounty hunter’s payment lore on the mission “Join Or Die”.

In this quest, you will need to collect many different lore items and to do that you will need to go through plenty of maps to get Bridger as a playable character.

As mentioned first you need to get the “Join or Die” quest where you need to assassinate Hurst. to do that you will need to go through the map and reach the Lincoln Memorial. here you will need to hack the laptop to open the panic room in which Hurst is hiding.

So just head into the room and kill him. once inside. go to the shelf located behind the desk. here you will find the find the lore item named “Bounty Hunter’s Payment”. after doing this all other lore items will spawn and ready to be collected by you.

Meeting Bridger

Once you have the Bounty Hunter’s Payment go back to Eckington Camp. here you need to talk to Bridger who is near Caleb’s Truck. here go to the balcony and you will find her. she will talk to you about her story and what you should do next.

If she does not tell you what to do then don’t worry its just a bug. you just need to go to the main menu and into the Lost and Found Tab. here you will find the Bounty hunter list and the payment will have a description for three assassinations and their location.

The three people you need to assassinate are Georgetown Sniper, Tiny Saul, and Gary. you need to kill them and get their Calling Cards in Overkill’s The Walking Dead.


To get this calling card you will need to go to Doctor’s Order which is where the Brigade has taken over a base inside a mall. here make your way through the map and get the medical supplies from the mail. once you get them you can head to the next part by using the forklift on the second floor and you will get to the next part of the mall.

This is the area where you need to open the main entrance to escape during the story. it is also where you will find Gary’s body. you need to head down to the first floor and then go to the back area, behind the escalators you will find a corpse which is of Gary and on it, you will find the calling card.

Georgetown Sniper

This is present in Georgetown as mentioned by the hint “Hell or High water” which is the only mission which takes place in Georgetown.

You will need to go through the entire map and reach the third and final hideout where the family is hiding. just in front of the hideout camp, you will find a bus stop and on the left of it, you will find the calling card on a corpse.

Tiny Saul

To get this calling card you will need to go the Listening In map. you might remember that he was killed for stealing from Brigade.

So first make sure you progress through the make normally. now here comes the tricky part, the map offers players only one of the two paths.

  • The first one is where you use the forklift to open the gate and then you need to get inside the office area.
  • The second one is in which the lift breaks and you now need to climb down onto the highway.

If while progressing through this map you do not get the forklift gate path. then you just need to restart it as the highway path will not get you the lore item. you do not need to worry much about the progression as it happens in the early part of the map.

Once you get inside the office, jump down the street level and then proceed to go left side of this area and then keep going progressing. eventually, you will reach a parking lot. here you will find many bodies. Tiny saul is present near the car that you normally use to jump-start the power to open the gate in Overkill’s The Walking Dead.

Bridger’s Map

Once you have collected all the three calling cards mentioned above. go back to Bridger and talk to her again. she will talk to you about what you need to do next. if she does not tell you don’t worry you can still proceed.

Just head to the office present to the left of her and inside you will find an item called the Bridger’s Map. this map will explain to you what to do next.

Remember you need the Three Calling cards to proceed.

Kirk’s Goodbye Item In Overkill’s The Walking Dead

To get this item you will need to go to The Last Stop map which are the tunnels you used to escape after surviving the attack on the Anderson Camp.

Here just progress normally, pass through the train after lifting it and heading into the area with the locked door and a puzzle. you will need to flip switches present in the area to unlock the door and proceed into the next area.

This area also has two paths just like the Listening In map mentioned above. the two paths are as follows.

  • The first is the one that takes you to the subway.
  • The second one takes you through an emergency exit.

If you get the emergency exit path then you need to restart as this path will not get you the lore item.

So after opening the door drop down to the left side and start going towards the center of the subway. eventually, you will reach a camping area. now from the center of this camp go left and you will arrive into a locked door and fence.

This locked door has a certain RNG and may require lockpick, chemical kit or other items. if the lock cannot be opened by your equipment then simply restart and pray that you get a proper lock which you can open.

Once you open the door head inside and in the little area you will find the final item Kirk’s Goodbye and now you will have all the six required items. this will unlock Bridger.

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