Overkill’s The Walking Dead – How To Get More Blueprints

Overkill's The Walking Dead

Overkill’s The Walking Dead has been released by the Developer Overkill Software and Publisher 505 Games and Starbreeze Publishing. it will be the latest game based on the popular series The Walking Dead.

The game is set in Post Apocalyptic Washington DC environment which is filled with zombies and now you will need to use one of the four main characters to craft, survive, and fight zombies and other hostile human groups.

How To Get More Blueprints In Overkill’s The Walking Dead

Throughout the game, you will be able to earn and unlock new blueprint upgrades which will make your character more powerful and also unlock useful camp upgrades.

But how to get this Blueprints? as the game does not explain everything properly it makes it confusing for players but in this guide, you will learn how to earn them easily.

Below you will find different ways you can utilize to earn blueprints upgrades and use to unlock high-level camp and upgrade Depot, Hub, Clinic and more.

How To Get Blueprints

First, you need to unlock the ability to complete bounties and to do that you will need to upgrade you Hub to level 2. after doing this you will gain access to the Bounties missions.

To pick up this quest you need to go to Georgetown and there you need to meet Anderson. this guy has a mustache and beard and wears a checkered shirt.

He is in charge of the camp and is also the character who gives you more mission and mission rewards for completing it.

When you interact with him you will notice a new bounty tab available on the screen next to the mission tab. so just pick up the bounties and complete them.

Remember to get the blueprints you will need to complete 5 bounties and then you will receive them as a reward.

Note – it is not known whether it is a bug or not but if you cancel a bounty you will not be able to do it again. so make sure you always complete them otherwise it won’t count.

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