Payday 2 – How To Solve Secret Of Arc Puzzle/Washington Heist Puzzle

Payday 2

Payday 2 was first released in the year 2013 by Developer Overkill Software and Publisher 505 Games. but the team has been rolling out content which has kept the game alive till now.

Overkill has released more DLC add-on content in Payday 2 then the original game and each of them has unique stages, location, scenario and story.

How To Solve Secret Of Arc Puzzle/Washington Heist Puzzle In Payday 2

In the game, you will be able to solve and unlock different puzzles and secrets. some are pretty easy to solve and some are hard tedious and very lengthy.

The Puzzle Secret Of Arc/Washington DC Heist Puzzle is also one of the many puzzles. it is one of the most annoying and time-consuming puzzles. as it needs you to decipher secret language and complete many achievements.

So below you will find a guide on how to solve the Secret Of Arc puzzle and the steps you need to do to complete it.

Crafting Obsidian Plate

First of all, you need to craft the Obsidian Plate and to do that you will need the secret box, medallion, the diamond and obsidian plate. then you will need to assemble every part in the safehouse desk.

Once it is crafted go to the room with the Piano and then you need to play a song in the Piano. you can follow the link below to learn how to correct note.

  • Link to correct Piano note sequence – Song
Listing Of All The Achievements You Need To Complete
  • Alaskan Deal – The Fuel Must Flow
  • Beneath the Mountain – Clean House
  • Biker Heist – Full Throttle
  • Breakin’ Feds – Stalker
  • Big Bank – Don’t bring the Heat
  • Big Oil – Doctor Fantastic
  • Bomb: Dockyard – I’ve got the Power
  • Bomb: Forest – Pump It Up
  • Brooklyn 10-10 – A Rendezvous With Destiny
  • Brooklyn Bank Job – All the Gold in Brooklyn
  • Birth of Sky – 1…2…3… JUMP!
  • Boiling Point – Remember, No Russian
  • Car Shop – Gone in 240 seconds
  • Counterfeit – Dr. Evil
  • Diamond Heist – Blood Diamond
  • Election Day – I’m A Swinger
  • First World Bank – OVERDRILL
  • Framing Frame – I Wasn’t Even There!
  • Firestarter – Lord of War
  • Goat Simulator – Hazzard County
  • Golden Grin – High Roller
  • Green Bridge – Attacked Helicopter
  • Heat Street – It’s Nice To Be Nice
  • Henry’s Rock – Hack This!
  • Hell’s Island – Beacon of.. nope
  • Hotline Miami – Walk Faster
  • Hoxton Breakout – Watch The Power Switch!
  • Hoxton Revenge – Silent But Deadl
  • Murky Station – The Pacifist
  • No Mercy – Keeping the Cool
  • Nightclub – Let Them Boogie
  • Reservoir Dogs – Waste Not, Want Not
  • Panic Room – Quick Draw
  • Rats – Full Measure
  • Santa’s Workshop – Santa Slays Slackers
  • Shacklethorne Auction – Press [F] to pay Respect
  • Slaughterhouse – Making a Statement
  • Scarface Mansion – Settling a Scar
  • The Alesso Heist – Sound of Silence
  • The Diamond – Cat Burglar
  • Undercover – Not Even Once
  • Yacht Heist – Pacifish
  • GO Bank – All Eggs in One Basket
  • Diamond Store – Hostage Situation
  • Any Armored Transport – But Wait – There’s More
  • Train Heist – We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
  • Jewelry Store Job – Diamonds are Forever
  • Any Bank Job – A Good Haul
  • Shadow Raid – I Will Pass Through Walls
  • Mallcrasher – Self Checkout
  • Four Stores – Platinum Card (Or: “Yeah, He’s a Gold Digger”)
  • White Xmas – What’s in the Box?
  • Ukrainian Job – Let’s do th…
  • Meltdown – They Don’t Pay Us Enough
  • Aftershock – Bring It Back Safe
  • Stealing XMas – The Grinch
  • Watchdogs – Out of bounds
Finding the location Of The Puzzle In Payday 2

First, enter the “P.E.O.C” stage/Washington stage and then head down towards the conference room. here next to an American flag you will find a painting with some blue and orange color image.

You need to remove it but you cannot remove with our four other players. after removing it use C4 to destroy the wall and then go into it. here use the elevator and go straight down into the mine shaft and you will see a circular ring with strange markings.

The Ring

The 1st Ring of the gate is the riddle part which gives you the riddle. further using the lever does the following.

  • Front right lever – moves the outside and middle rings.
  • Back-left lever – moves the inside and middle rings.
  • Back-right lever – moves the middle ring.
  • Front-left lever – confirms your given answer.

Just note that you need to answer 4 riddles in total if you answer any possible wrong then will go back one riddle.

All the Riddles Answer For Payday 2

At the gates of silent memory, the lizard god speaks thy NUMBER.- Lahun

Among old recovered things, four couples are eternally locked in their LOVE. – Dance

I am trusted to guard the great wealth of the land, but do not trust my WORDS. – Apate

I am the bearer of the greatest gifts, I give what you seek THE MOST. – Giant

I must face two to ascend, lest I meet my final journey in this CHALLENGE. – Chess

I stand in front of the humble man on the wicked path as a COMPANION. – Sword

In the sand-covered lands of the pharaohs, I am followed by the missing LIGHT. – Sheut

In the temple of gold and white, I bind myself to my psyche FOREVER. – Cupid

That of the watcher which will be consumed in the voice of SUMER…. – Zumru

The legacy of Alessandro Cagliostro calls to the eastern STAR. – Guide

Twins exchange a breath, the third sibling is banished until it RETURNS. – Algoi

Upon the Terrance of riches and wealth, I hold what all who behold me DESIRE. – Jewel

With my companions wisdom and ferocity, that which I fly over that is my LAND. – Sumer

Once you solve the puzzle the ring will activate and you will be able to proceed through to new area where you will find all the secrets and other rewards for this massive tedious task.

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