A Game About – Guide To 100% Achievement And Walkthrough

A Game About

A Game About has been released by Publisher and Developer byolivierb. it is a small indie point and click game where you as a player have been tasked to control a character and walk through a daily routine.

You will need to make different decisions and proceed through the beautiful hand-drawn world and the best part it is totally free

Guide To 100% Achievement And Walkthrough In A Game About

Just like most of the games, you will be able to unlock many different achievements and as this is a point and click game, you will also find many different interactive options.

So in this guide, you will learn how to unlock all achievements and also how to proceed through the game.

Below you will a simple walkthrough guide with the achievements you will unlock if you follow the steps listed.

Walkthrough And 100% Achievements

Go To Work

Just Sleep In

Go Enjoy a Coffee

Achievement – A Good Coffee

Enjoy Freedom at the Park.

Check for a pet in a shelter.

Go to the zoo.

Achievement – This ain’t a giraffe!

Volunteer at the shelter.

Get in shape with jogging.

Go to the cinema.

Try online dating.

Talk with people online.

Go to the doctor.

Have a date.

Achievement – Good Listener

Work on a new CV.

Try sleeping pills.

Click On Your Character while waiting for the Bus.

Achievement – Call Your Friends

Hit the gym.

Go home and watch TV.

Go to your appointment.

Achievement – Whatever may Happen (you need to Continuously click on “No” to get this one).

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