Fallout 76 – All The Location Of Power Armor And How To Get It

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One by Publisher and Developer Bethesda Softworks and Game Studios. it will be the latest addition to the Fallout series and will be a narrative prequel to the whole series.

The new game will feature an open world game which is four times the size of Fallout 4 and represent real location like West Virginia State Capitol, The Greenbrier, Woodburn Circle, New River Gorge Bridge, and more.

All The Location Of Power Armor And How To Get It In Fallout 76

While Progressing through the game you will be able to collect many different weapons, armors and other useful items.

Power Armor is one of the many armors you collect in the game and as the name suggests in increases your characters power significantly. these types of armor generally are not available in the early stages of the game.

But Fallout 76 is taking a different approach and you can easily use it from Level 2. so in this guide, you will find all the possible spawn location of the Power Armor and what to do if you don’t get it.

Important Note – What To Do If You Do Not Find The Power Armor

Before you begin your quest to get a Power Armor. you will need to know about a few things which might affect your ability and chance of getting this Armor.

First, as the game is fully online you will be sharing the server with other online players which means you also will be sharing the items, resources and other devices.

If you do not find the Power Armor in the particular location mentioned below then just move to other possible spawn locations and you might find it.

If you do not want to move around the map looking for the Armor then choose one fixed location and return to it after 20min – 30min and you will find it there.

You can also try quitting a server and reloading the game into a different server. all you have to do is just quit to the main menu and then re-enter the game and check the possible spawn locations.

All Power Armor Spawn Location In Fallout 76

Location #1

This particular Armor is located east from the Vault 76. so just exit the Vault and then start going in the eastern direction. you will need to arrive in Morgantown Trainyard. it is marked on the map as a Silver Railtrack sign.

Once there you will find several train carriages. you need to look for an old rusty carriage which is parked next to a building. you will find it easily as it has the word the USA written on it.

Once you find it get inside the carriage and you will find the Power Armor.

Location #2

This particular Armor is located southeast of Morgantown Trainyard. just go southeast towards the river.

On the left side of the river where an old warehouse and at the entrance of this building, there is a Punji Board trap so be careful. once you get inside the building look left and you might find the Armor.

Location #3

This one can be found on the western side of Vault 76. you will need to go to the Mothman Museum. once you arrive at this location proceed towards the south-west side of the city.

In this part of the city, you will need to look for a blue-greenish pickup truck. once you find it use the two cars to climb on to the building right in front of it.

From the top of the building just go right. follow the stairs, cross the bridge and you will arrive a secret area which has the Power Armor.

Location #4

This one can be found in the northern side of the Vault 76. you will need to go to the location which is marked as 94 on the map.

Once you arrive there you will find three silos. beside these silos, you will find a small building. to enter this building you will need to lockpick the entrance door. so make sure you have Level 1 Picklock skill.

Location #5

This one can be found in the northwestern direction from Vault 76. you need to go to WV Lumber Co. which is present next to the river and north-west from the giant Ferry Wheel.

Here you need to enter the big warehouse present on the side of the colored crates. if you are lucky you might find two Power Armors.

Location #6

This one can be found in the northern direction of Vault 76. you will need to go to the mountains present on the western side of the giant green alligator.

Once you arrive at this mountain, go to the southern of this big area. just climb up the mountain and look for a Raider Outpost. in this outpost, you might find the Power Armor in Fallout 76.

Power Armor Details and Benefits.
  • When equipped it will boost all the resistances to 60 which means high armor and high radiation resitances.
  • It makes you immune to fairly high fall damage.
  • Once you have picked it up it is yours and cannot be stolen by other players.
  • If you unequip the armor it will return to your inventory in 10 seconds and will add 10 carry weight.

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