Call Of Cthulhu 2018 – All Endings, Collectibles And 100% Achievements

Call Of Cthulhu 2018

Call Of Cthulhu 2018 will be the latest game inspired from the popular Lovecraftian and horror stories of H. P. Lovecraft’s and will be the adaptation of the RPG game based on the same title.

The latest iteration of the game will involve investigation and stealth. you will need to utilize these mechanics and play as Edward pierce a private detective who has fallen into the world of the Great Old Cthulhu.

Call Of Cthulhu 2018 – All Endings, Collectibles, And 100% Achievements

While progressing through the story of the game you will be able to collect many different items, reveal secrets and also unlock Achievements.

There are a total of 49 different achievements. some of them can be unlocked just by going through the story and some of them can only be unlocked after you complete specific tasks.

So below you will find a guide on how to complete all of them. all these achievements have been divided into certain categories.

All Ending Guide Achievements In Call Of Cthulhu 2018

Nameless Cults – you need to choose the option “Nope, I’ll never help you” during the ritual. this will make you refuse to take part in the ritual.

Farewell – to get this ending you need to have Master rank in Occultism and then you can refuse the Ritual.

Fight Destiny – you need to do the ritual against the evil and successfully complete the counter-ritual.

The Call Of Cthulhu – Choose to invoke Cthulhu.

Achievements For particular Choice In Call Of Cthulhu 2018

Detective Edward Pierce – you need to reach expert level in all the skills.

More Sober than Zadok Allen – never select the Drink option.

Strange Secrets – You need to find Occult objects present in the game.

Jack Of All Trades – Inspect 50 items, all you need to do is pick up the objects and interact with them.

Ex OBlivione – to get this one you need to fail the skill test. you can do this while examing any object for example when you arrive in blackwater island go to the dead whale, examine it and fail the skill test.

John Raymond Legrasse – you will need to find 20 hidden objects. these objects have the green light so they are pretty to find. to make it easy the game has an indicator, whenever you enter an area with a hidden object. there will be a circle on the bottom left corner and once you collect all the hidden objects in an area it will find a check mark in the circle.

Beyond Reality – you need to read any unholy book. you can find one in Sander’s Manor near a cat, then you need find one at Drake’shop in a wooden box and another one in Dr. Fuller’s Office.

The Delusional Investigator – first you need to apologize to Mitchell in the Tavern. then you need to talk to sailors and ask them for help, buy them a whiskey and then the Warehouse no 36.

No Prohibition For Darkwater – after entering Water no 36, go back towards the Tavern, turn left and enter the place with the trapdoor. here you need to solve a puzzle and proceed further into the area. this will get you the achievement.

Sandman – when you are in the hospital you will meet a man who needs sleeping pills. accept the request and give him the pills.

Shared Guilt – you meet Irene in Sander’s manor you need to blame her for her husband condition and then listen to her husband recording to get the achievement.

Hippocratic Oath – While playing as the doctor interact with all the people in the hospital.

The White Ship – While playing as the doctor enter Dr. Fuller’s office and put the sails of the ship in the right direction.

The Good Samaritan – after you escape the prison go to the warehouse and you will find a medkit. grab it and give it to Mitchell present near the pier with the statute.

The Rats In the Walls – while playing as the cat hit one of the men.

The Abomination Of Darkwater – After you escape the prison you will need to kill five NPCs.

Collectibles Achievements In Call Of Cthulhu 2018

Complete Revelation – you need to read all the unholy knowledge books. below you will find the location of all of them.

  • In Sander’s Manor near a cat.
  • In Drake’shop in a wooden box.
  • In Dr. Fuller’s Office, on a table with the lamp.

Detective Historian – compile together Margaret Wyckwood’s Memories. below you will find the location of all the memories.

  • On the ground when you enter the secret cave with cultists.
  • In Sander’s manor, in the room with a cat.
  • In Algernon Drake’shop, on the left side after you enter the room.
  • In Dr. Fuller’s office, inside a drawer.
  • In Whaling Station, inside the bottom most drawer.
  • The Shadow Out of time – find all the painting of the disappeared tribe.
  • After your first Hallucination stick near the walls.
  • On the walls of the secret cave with cultists. in this particular cave, you will find a total of five paintings all present on the wall.
  • During the ending of the game on a rock wall.

The Most Trivial Object – you need to find all the small blue glass bottles. below you will find the location of all of them.

  • In Pierce’s Office on top of books present on a table.
  • In Warehouse no. 36.
  • In Hawkin’s Manor, on a table present in Simon’s room.
  • In the hospital, in a room near the Kitchen.
  • In Sanders’ manor, on the table in a room with a cat.
  • In Algernon Drake’s room, in a drawer.
  • In Dr. Fuller’s Office, in a drawer.

Voyage into history – you need to open the sailor’s chest present in the corner of a room present in Whaling station.

Story Progression Achievements In Call Of Cthulhu 2018

The Sarah Hawkins Case – Accept the Sarah Hawkins case.

The Strange High House – Reach Hawkins Mansion in the car.

Memory – Explore and Investigate the memories of the Hawkins family.

The Terrible Old Man – Make the caretaker help you with the problems.

The Secret Cave – just discover the secret passage present in the mansion.

A Brilliant Mind – Use the Globe to open the secret passage present in the mansion. all you need to do is put the correct coordinates and use it. to get the right coordinates just place the small circle on the right side of the compass sign present next to North America.

The Pit of Horror – fall into the sacrificial pit.

The Temple – in the cave participate in the rituals.

The Aficionado of Horror – Meet the character named Francis Sanders.

From Beyond – Defeat the Dimensional Shambler

The Thing on the Doorstep – you need to defeat the Dimensional Shambler by tearing apart the painting with the Dagger “Of The Ancients”. if area unable to find it or are just getting caught by the shambler then you can use the guide listed below to find it how to defeat it easily.

The Book – Read the Necronomicon book.

Scholar Of The Unspeakable – Meet the character Algernon Drake and accept his help.

Caught in the Trap – Fall into Fuller’s Trap

The Curse Of Sarah – Search and Find Sarah Hawkins.

The Amulet Of The Ancients – Put your hand on Algernon Drake’s Treasure.

The Outsider – Defeat the Creature.

Companion In Arms – you need to save Algernon Drake’s life during the fight with the Shambler. all you need to do is focus the lamp on Shambler when it catches Drake.

The Voice Beyond The Grave – Talk with the Vision.

Fluent In R’lyehian – Select all the talking dialogue in R’lyehian.

In the footsteps of Daniel Upton – you can either kill or spare Bradley.

Attack the Docks – You need to Escape the Fallen Territory.

The Beast In The Cave – Enter the beast’s cave.

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