Fallout 76 – Location Of All Toxic Valley Treasure Maps And Solution

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 has been finally released in beta by Developer and Publisher Bethesda Softworks and Game studios. it is an online multiplayer action RPG game based in the Fallout universe.

The latest edition of the game will be the ninth installment in the series of the game and the story will be the prequel to all the fallout games. it is set twenty-five years after the nuclear explosion destroyed the earth.

Location Of All Toxic Valley Treasure Maps And Solution In Fallout 76

While Progressing through the story of the game you will be able to collect many different weapons, survival resources, and other items from hidden Stashes.

The Treasure is also a kind of hidden stash present in the game. most of the time these treasures contains plenty of useful items hidden in one location.

But to get the treasure you will need to get the Treasure Map and then solve it to get to the treasure location.

So below you will find a guide on the location of all the treasure maps and the treasure locations present in the Toxic Valley.

Location of Toxic Valley Treasure Map #02

The treasure map itself is located in the western part of the map. to get it you will need to go the point where the three river meets.

Once you reach there pop up your map and zoom into the point where the three river meets. from here move northeast and you will notice a white colored tower called Flatwoods Lookout you need to go there.

Once you get near the tower you will find some Feral Ghoul. they won’t react unless you get near them.

So first get near them and kill them quickly. in one of the Feral Ghoul Roamer, you will find the Toxic Valley Treasure Map#02.

Location Of Toxic Valley Treasure #02 Location

The treasure itself is located in the northeastern direction from the location of the treasure map, in Clarksburg. it is located in southwestern part of the big lake and directly south from the Green Alligator.

Once find the water tower present on the map. align your character so that you get the image present on the treasure map. this way you will find the mound which is present as an X on the map.

Now just dig up the mound and you will receive the treasure which contains the following items.

  • Plan: cushioned Trapper Armor Legs
  • .308 Round (12)
  • Pipe Bolt-Action
  • Wood Left Arm
  • Purified Water
  • Fusion Cell (5)
  • Laser
  • Fusion Cell(4)

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