Call Of Cthulhu 2018 – How To Defeat The Dimensional Shambler

Call Of Cthulhu 2018

Call Of Cthulhu 2018 is an action role-playing survival horror game which brings elements from the Lovecraftian and psychological horror short stories of H.P Lovecraft’s short stories. it also is an adaptation of the 1981 role-playing game with the same title.

In the game you will play as a War Veteran named Edward Pierce who is now working as a private detective. he receives a case to solve the mysterious death of the Hawkins Family but discover the revival process of the Great Old One Cthulhu.

How To Defeat The Dimensional Shambler In Call Of Cthulhu 2018

While progressing through the story you will find many different puzzles which can be pretty hard and sometimes straight tedious and annoying.

The Dimensional Shambler Fight/Puzzle is one of the section of the game which is extremely simple to complete but as the game gives no hint or direction. it makes it very hard and the fact that you cannot progress until you solve it makes it even more frustrating.

So below you will find a guide on how to solve the Dimensional Shambler fight/puzzle and progress to the other parts of the Call Of Cthulhu 2018.

Escaping/Defending Yourself From the Dimensional Shambler

The fight with the Dimensional Shambler begins when you interact with the painting present in the Art Gallery which comes after interrogating the dead collector’s wide.

Once the fight begins you will be locked in an area with the Shambler. here you need to hide from him but the only problem is that he can find you very easily.

Hiding behind objects, crouching and sneaking around also does not help very much. so now your only choice is to run and try to confuse and outrun him.

In this area, there are two closets so run as fast as you can and hide in the closet. just make sure that he does not see you entering the closet.

Just note one thing that even hiding in the closet won’t protect you from him but it will certainly give you a lot of time and space to work around. so you use it to keep a distance between him and yourself.

Killing The Shambler

After you are able to outrun him, you will need to get a Dagger to kill him but using any normal dagger won’t do the job.

You will need to get the Dagger “Of The Ancients” which looks like a dagger made of wood branches and has an elder sign at the middle of it.

To get this particular dagger you will need to enter the room present on the right while facing towards the entrance door from the room with the painting.

Now you need to the corner of this room and look for a glass display case. this particular display case contains other items too.

Note: use your lamp to look for it as the room is dark. if you run out of oil you can find more in the two oil refill spots in the gallery.

Also, it is still unclear that if the Dagger “of the Ancients” spawns in the particular location or not as there have been some conflicting reports.

If you do not find the dagger in the corner of the right room. then try looking in other parts of the area. remember when Pierce picks up the right dagger he will say “this dagger seems different”.

Using The Dagger – Now with the correct dagger in your hand head back to painting and use it to tear it apart this will kill the Dimensional Shambler.

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