Red Dead Redemption 2 – Location Of Lenny’s Pocket Watch

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 will be the latest addition to the wild west genre games. it is the third entry in the Red Dead series and has been published and developed by Rockstar Studios and Games.

In the game you will find a massive open world almost bigger than GTA 5. it is filled with story quests, side missions and other activities which offer over 100 hours of gameplay and plenty of cowboy adventures.

Location Of Lenny’s Pocket Watch In Red Dead Redemption 2

Throughout your story progression, you will be able to complete many different side quests, challenges, and other mini-games.

The request quests are one of the many quests present in the game. you can get them by interacting with the members of the camp.

Most of these quests are easy to complete and the best part about them is that they give some easy Honor points and also some small rewards.

Lenny also gives you a request quest in which you need to get him the pocket watch. the only problem is that there is just one pocket watch in the whole map which Lenny wants.

Below you will find a guide on how and where you can get Lenny’s Pocket watch and complete the quest easily and quickly.

Location Of Lenny’s Pocket Watch

To get the pocket watch you will need to go to the western side of the map and into the Big Valley. once you enter the big valley pop up your map and head towards the letter “W” of the word West. from here you will need to go to the northeast and you will reach Vetter’s Echo which is a lone cabin.

Now if you have never come to this cabin before then you need to be careful as inside the cabin there is a big bear and if you are not careful you will die.

If you encountered the bear and killed it then good job but if you died to it then do not worry as next when you visit this cabin you won’t find the bear.

Now you will be able to safely enter the cabin. once in there you will need to look for a desk with a typewriter. next, to the typewriter, you will find the Pocket watch.

With the Pocket watch in your inventory return to the base camp, look for Lenny and give him the watch.

This will complete the request quest and you will also earn a small amount of reward. this will also give you a slight boost in Honor and a High honor level is always useful for Arthur. to know more about Honor system check out the guide listed below.

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