Red Dead Redemption 2 – Poisonous Trail Treasure Map Solution

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 will be the latest addition to the Read Franchise and will be an open world action-adventure based on the American Wild West era.

The new game will feature the new protagonist Arthur Morgan who is an outlaw and the member of the Dutch Van der Linde gang. after a robbery goes wrong he along with others have to flee from the bounty hunters and lawmen.

Poisonous Trail Treasure Map Solution In Red Dead Redemption 2

Throughout the game, you will be able to collect many different types of treasure some give money and some give other useful items.

The Poisonous Trail Treasure is one the map treasure you will find in the game. you will need to go to collect a series of clue and if you solve them you will receive a hefty reward.

Below you will find the all the treasure clues and the solution so you can get the reward easily and quickly.

Treasure Map 1

First Location – this place is located in northwestern part of the map. you will need to go to a cabin called the Cairn lodge which is present in the southeastern side of Cairn lake.

Enter the hut and look under the bed, you will find a box and inside it, you will get your Poisonous Trail Treasure map 2.

Treasure Map 2

Now you need to go to the southeastern side of the map. here you will have to enter the hut present in Face Rock.

To get there just pop up your map and go south from the first letter “E” for the word Lemoyne and you will be able to reach Face Rock.

Here you need to climb a small hill and you will find a dead standing tree with a hole in the base you will need to collect the second map from the hole.

Treasure Map 3

Now you need to go to the easternmost part of the map. head towards Van Horn Trading post and once you arrive there pop up your map and then go west from Van Horn.

You will find a similar snake like sign on the map which is also present on the treasure map. (just note that the place is located between Van Horn and the first River present in the east of Van Horn).

Now just head there and you will find the symbol on the ground. just go to the center of it and you will find the third map.

Treasure Map 4

Now you need to go to the northeastern part of the map. you need to head to the Elysian pool and then go behind the small waterfall.

After you enter it, drop down on the right side and keep going right. there is a small tunnel at the bottom on the right. pass through it and you will find a more tunnel, keeping walking until you reach the end look and then look left. you will see a gap which contains the treasure.

This gets you four gold bars and each of them can be sold to Fence for $500 which means you have earned $2000. you can follow the guide below find all Fence Vendors/Merchant.

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