Red Dead Redemption 2 – Unlock Fast Travel And Automatic Horse Travel

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been released on Xbox One and PS4 by Developer and PUblisher Rockstar Games and Studios. it will be the third entry in the red dead series and a prequel to 2010 red dead.

In the game, players will find themselves in the year 1899 when the era of the wild west is coming to an end. you will meet many different characters in quests and other players in the online multiplayer mode.

How to unlock Fast Travel and Automatic Horse Travel in Red Dead Redemption 2

Unlike most of the open world games, Red Dead Redemption 2 has a very different travel system which is a very important part of the whole gameplay.

If you don’t master the basics of traveling then you might spend most of your time manually riding through the massive map which honestly can get very frustrating easily.

So below you will find a guide which will explain
four different way of traveling through the map which will save you time and also is less tedious.

Unlocking free fast travel

First, you need to unlock camp upgrades, you can do this once you progress into chapter 2, here you need to complete Strauss’s Story mission titled “Money Lending and other sins”

In this particular mission, you need to track down some debtors. you need to get money from one and put it in the camp’s tithing box. this will unlock the ledger present next to the tithing box and now you can select the camp upgrades.

You need to buy the first two camp upgrades present in the lodging category. “First thing first” cost $220 and the “Next In Line” cost $325.

Doing this will unlock the fast travel map behind Arthur’s tent. you can use it for free fast travel but you need to note that you can only travel to a discovered location and you cannot fast travel back.

Train Fast Travel

To use the train you will need to get train tickets which can be bought from any post office. the good thing is that the travel is instant and works even if you have a bounty on your head.

just note that some train stations are not connected to each other and the longer you travel the more it will cost.

Stagecoach Fast Travel

Just like trains, the stagecoaches can travel to other towns that have a stagecoach post. the only problem is that you cannot use it when you have a bounty on your head but the good thing is that stagecoaches have better connections then trains.

Automatic Horse Travel

If you are just bored of manually traveling around the huge map. then you can use the automatic horse travel features which will drive the horse without your input.

To use it you need to put a marker on the map where you want to go. then sit on the horse, start riding it and then hold touchpad on PS4/View button on Xbox One to enter the autopilot mode.

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