SoulCalibur 6 – What is Style Points And How To Earn Them

SoulCalibur 6

SoulCalibur 6 has been finally released on all major platforms by Publisher and Developer Bandai Namco Studios and Entertainment. it will be the twelfth installment the SC series and has brought plenty of new mechanics and contents.

In the latest SC game, you will be able to select from a roster of over 20 characters which includes classic characters like Ivy, Taki, Cervantes and three new characters like Geralt from witcher, Groh and Azwel.

What is Style Points And How To Earn Them In SoulCalibur 6

While progressing through the Libra Of Souls mode you will be able to unlock and earn many different types of items and points which can be used to customize many different aspects of the game.

The Style points are one of the many points systems in the game which you can be used to fill up style meter present in the Libra Mode.

Below you will find a guide which will explain what does the style points do and how to earn more style points easily.

How To Get Style Points

Style points are very similar to experience points but these are designed for weapons and can be only used on weapons.

How to earn them? you will earn style points by playing with a specific weapon style in the quests. for example if your playing with Ivy’s weapon then you will only earn style points for the Ivy weapons.

So if you want to earn them fast then you will just need to use the specific weapon style and grind through different quests.

Just note that you can switch between different weapon styles whenever you want and you will not lose any progress on other weapon styles. this is quite helpful if you get bored of playing a particular style and want to mix it up a bit.

What Does The Style Points Do and How To Use Them?

When you earn style points in the Libra of Souls mode you will slowly start filling the style bar for the weapon style.

Once you have maxed out the style meter with points it will display as mastered. now the Edgemaster will give you a side quest which will be pretty hard. the quest is given to you always tends to be of higher level than your level.

If you complete the quest successfully you will earn a Level 60 weapon for the specific weapon style that you have mastered. this high-level weapon has high range and has 3 slots of upgrades.

Just note that this is only for Libra and it is not a unique weapon model so it can be used to Create a Soul(CAS).

Also, note – the level 60 weapon earned from the quest has a high range and more slot.

But this really does not make them strong. as they have a really wide damage range which means you can deal good high damage but you can also deal a far lower damage than a normal weapon style.

The best part of this weapon is that you can customize in whatever way you want. but if you are expecting more then you will just be disappointed as the slots can be upgraded but it won’t change any stat of the weapon.

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