Fallout 76 – Fix For Loading Issue, Beta Unavailable, Login Fail And More

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Beta period has begun for Xbox One players for a limited time. the new game will be an online multiplayer action RPG game created by Developer and Publisher Bethesda Gaming Studios.

It will be the ninth installment in the series and will be a prequel to all fallout games. it is set in an alternate version, in the year 2102 which is twenty-five years after a nuclear war that destroyed the Earth and humans now reside in Vaults.

Fix For Loading Issue, Beta Unavailable, Login Fail And More In Fallout 76

The beta for the latest Fallout game has been released for the Xbox One users who have pre-ordered the game. the first session for the game will be available from 7 PM to 11 PM ET.

But the Beta period of the game is currently not going as it is planned for some of the Xbox players. many gamers have reported that they are getting different types of errors which are preventing them from logging into the game.

Below you will find a list and a guide on how to fix errors, bugs and loading problems easily and hope that the problem gets solved for you.

Login Failed, This account Lacks The Required Entitlements.

If you have been having this particular problem then you need you do not need to worry. this problem comes out when you are trying to log into the game when the servers are off.

What does server are off mean? Well basically the beta is open for a limited period of time but unlike normal beta periods, this one will not be open for 24 hours a day instead it will remain open for 7-8 hours per day only.

The reason for this strange period is most likely because the devs want to test the server when everyone is online which is the theme of the game. so although the time restraint is frustrating it is for the greater good and better user experience during the launch on November 14.

Below you will find the schedule for the first phase

  • UK – 12 AM – 4 AM (BST), Wednesday 24th October
  • Europe – 1 AM – 5 AM (CEST), Wednesday 24th October
  • East Coast US – 7 PM – 11 PM (ET), Tuesday 23rd October
  • West Coast US – 4 PM – 8 PM (PDT), Tuesday 23rd October

You should also follow Bethesda Twitter account to know about the further schedule on next upcoming phase of the game.

Loading Loop Problem

If you stuck on the endless loop of the loading screen. then try restarting the game and if it does work try to turn off and on your Device. this method has fixed the problem for most of the users of Fallout 76.

Stuck On The Loading/Sign In Screen

If you are stuck in the login Screen then you should restart the game again and again. as you are supposed to see an option which says sign in with the email address. you need to enter the email which is attached to Bethesda.net account and from which you redeemed the code. if you are unable to do so contact the Support Team.

Beta Currently Unavailable Error

This problem arises when you have redeemed the code from the Bethesda account but you have not entered the Code On Xbox.

All you need to do is log into the Bethesda account and go to the Transaction History tab then copy the code and enter it into your Xbox Account. this will start downloading essential files from the store in your device and your game will be ready to play soon.

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