Starlink: Battle For Atlas – Guide On Mod Unlock And How They Work

Starlink: Battle For Atlas

Starlink: Battle For Atlas has been released by Publisher Ubisoft and Developer Ubisoft Toronto on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. it is an action adventure game where players are given control of a mothership called Equinox.

The game story starts in the fictional Atlas star system and you will need to take control of the ship and upgrade it with different weapons, items, and other upgrades to make it powerful and fight the evil Legion’s leader, Grax.

Guide On Mod Unlock And How They Work In Starlink: Battle For Atlas

While progressing through the story of the game you will find many different upgrades which will improve different aspects of your ship making it better and powerful.

The mods are items which you equip in your ship and it can enhance your ship’s speed, defense, firepower and much more.

so below you will find a detailed guide on how you can get more mods, unlock more mod slots, and about different types of mods present in the ship of Starlink: Battle For Atlas.

How To Equip Mods

Mods can be equipped by entering the loadout menu and pressing the appropriate button for Mod Ship & Weapons option. this will bring the full ship modification menu and then you can press the Change button present in the center of the screen.

Now you can add any mod to a particular mod slot. you can do this by pressing directional pad which will allow you to insert any mods into a slot and then you can use the L and R to switch between ship modifications of weapons.

How To Get Mods

You will be able to get mods by completing some easy tasks like destroying hives, hacking cargo shuttles, looting chests and more.

But most of the time you will only receive common mods which are not very good. so below you will find some methods which will increase your chance of getting a high rarity mods.

Check Mission Reward – you can check the map and look for missions which offer high rarity rewards. this way you can make sure that you are not wasting time on quests which have very low-level rewards.

Upgrade Workshops – once you reach the third story mission planet Sonatus you will be given access to the workshops. these workshops let you buy many different types of mods.

You can even upgrade these workshops and the higher level they have the higher rarity mods you will get. plus additional workshops will even send you mods and the more you upgrade them the more frequently you will get the mods.

Outlaw Hideouts – as you progress through the game you will have to fight different outlaw gangs. if you defeat them you will trigger option with other pilots which will reveal the outlaw hideout.

Once you exchange dialogue with other pilots about a hideout. they automatically get marked on your Starmap. you now just go to the hideout and loot the area. most of the time these locations have high rarity rewards.

Warden Spires – these are small quick puzzles present on almost every planet. you can complete them to get high-level warden modifications which are extremely good.

How To Unlock More Mod Slots in Starlink: Battle For Atlas

Your ship would have many different mod slots but not all of them will be accessible and to unlock them you will need to complete certain requirements.

To unlock them you will need to upgrade the Equinox. you can do it by going to the Equinox menu and then select Equinox and finally the Modding Bay.

To successfully upgrade your pilot needs to have certain experience level, you will also need a certain number of cores which can be obtained from Warden Spires and a certain amount of Electrums.

Crafting Powerful Mods

The Equinox upgrades allow you to combine three different mods of the same type into a powerful one. if you are not able to find yourself some good high-level mod then you can use this feature to get higher rarity mod.

Types Of Mods

Armor Mods – Each ship comes with one slot for armor mods and it has a shield-shaped icon. these mods increase’s ship defense for normal attacks and also increases the resistance to certain elemental damage.

Core Mods – Each ship comes with one slot of core mod and they have diamond shaped icons with a hash mark below it. this mod has the highest impact on your ship as it can increase ship speed, handling, energy and more.

They can also increase your damage, increase allies stat, decrease the cooldown of the pilot’s abilities and in some case also give special bonus abilities.

Booster Mods – Each ship comes with a maximum of three slots for booster mods. these can be identified by the circle shaped icon.

These mods are not very powerful on their own but they are excellent in increasing the abilities, bonus, and power of Core Mods. for example increasing resistance, increasing speed, and increasing XP gain.

Weapon Mods

Ammo Mods – each weapon comes with one slot for a weapon mod. it can be identified with it diamond shape icon and a triangle below it.

These mods increase base damage, fire rate, range, lower energy consumption and more. some mods can only be equipped with weapons of certain types or element.

Amplifier Mods – each weapon comes with a maximum of four amplifier mods. these mods have circular shaped icons and work similar to the booster mods of the ship.

This mod improves the certain part of the weapon like more speed, damage and increasing electrum and XP reward in Starlink: Battle For Atlas.

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