SoulCalibur 6 – Tips And Tricks For Beginner Players

SoulCalibur 6

SoulCalibur 6 has been finally released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC by Developer and Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment and Studios. it will the latest addition to the SC series and also the twelfth installment in the main series.

In the game, you will find many new mechanics like reversal edge, new throws and a complete a new combat UI. you will also find over 20 different characters and the addition of three new characters Geralt, Azwel and Groh.

Tips And Tricks For Beginner Players In SoulCalibur 6

This will be the latest fighting game in the gaming world and so you will see many players jump into it. you will find both experienced and new players during your online gameplay.

So you are bound to meet players who have higher skill than you but its ok its part of the game and as you are a beginner there is always a plenty of room to improve. so in this guide, you will find many useful tips.

Below you will find some offensive and defensive tips and tricks you can use to become better in the game.

Learn String Combos

Practice makes perfect and this saying stands true for the all fighting games. SC 6 has many different combos which you can learn to fight opponents. having one proper combo is more useful then different learning many half moves.

You should choose combos which contain high and low hits. this is efficient in confusing opponents but if it does not work then you can always grab and smash them on the ground.

Learn A Launching String Combo

Every character has tons of move sets but if you want to dominate a match then you need to learn an easy to execute string which launches your open in the air. this will help you control the follow of the fight.

Combo Launch String With Juggle Attacks

Once you are able to launch an opponent into the air use attacks which juggle them in the air. use combos which will keep them in the air for a long period of time. this will let you deal damage to them without having to worry to face a counter attack.

Utilize Lethal Hits

Just like most fighting games SC6 also has it, own mechanics. the lethal hits are one of the important combat mechanics which empowers other moves and deal more damage to the opponent.

The lethal hit moves are unique to each character and even the effect is unique for different characters, for example, some lethal hit break armor, some causes opponent to stumble and more.

Movement Properties

There are many different properties in the game which effect certain aspect of a character. this particular mechanic is unique to the SC series. so it is good that you know about them.

Blue Lightning – this move breaks the guard and will also pass through defensive moves like reversal edge and guard impact. plus it will deal plenty of damage to guard meter.

Yellow Lightning – this move causes your opponent to stumble which leaves them open, unguarded and vulnerable.

Red Lightning – this move triggers a reversal edge which is a counter move.

Red Flames – this move is unblockable so you need to either take down the opponent fast or avoid getting hit.

Green Flash – this move does a guard impact.

Use both Forward and Backward Throws

SC 6 has changed the throw system slightly by removing vertical and horizontal throw. now you can easily tech a throw by pressing any attack button and you can also easily perform the back and forward throw by simply using the directions.

To forward throw just press any button without holding back direction button and to backward throw you need to press any button while holding back button. use these mechanics to your advantage to catch your opponent off guard.

Keep Track Of Opponent Guard Break Meter

SoulCalibur 6 does not have a fixed guard meter but instead, it is incorporated into the life bar. you can read the Guard meter by keeping track of the yellow and red flash on the life bar border.

If it is flashing red then you need to get aggressive and
with a few extra hits, you will break their guard and you will be able to deal some damage.

Know What Your Character Soul Charge

Every character has a Soul Charge ability which can be activated by pressing A+B+K. this will send your character into power state.

But these power state functions work differently for different players. some gain buff stats, some gain new moves and more. so it is recommended that you will about soul charge of all the characters.

Reversal Edge

SoulCalibur 6 has brought a new mechanic’s named Reversal Edge which lets you absorb the opponent’s attacks and then perform a counter attack. if you win this you will get a good amount of meter. it is extremely good against aggressive players or button mashers.

Utilize Sidesteps

Most of the players in the game always when performing string try to get in your face by pressing forward button. you can use the sidestep mechanics to easily avoid attack once they are in an attack animation and this will also give you a very small window to attack them.

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