Disgaea 5 Complete – How To Get Max Stats And XP Points Quickly

Disgaea 5 Complete

Disgaea 5 Complete has been released on PC via steam by Publisher NIS America, Inc. and Developer Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. it is a turn-based Anime JRPG game and the remake of the popular D5: Alliance of Vengeance first released in 2015

In the game, players will follow the story of one young demon named Killia who has decided to end the reign of Void Dark who seeks to enslave the countless Netherworlds. you will need to acquire powerful weapons, skills and strategize moves to defeat enemies.

How To Get Max Stats And XP Points Quickly In Disgaea 5 Complete

You might have noticed during your gameplay that your power level is mostly determined by the amount of stats you have on your character.

To increase stats you will need to gain a massive amount of experience points which can get tedious and time-consuming. so in this guide, you will learn how to stats easily.

Below you find a detailed method on what you will need and what you need to do gain stats quickly and efficiently in Disgaea 5 Complete.

Get Master On Sub Classes

The subclasses are basically common characters which can be used to increase the power level of your main and other unique characters.

You can use them to gain unique evilities like Twin Head, Fatal Slash and more. but the main reason for using them is to gain a massive amount of stats.

But before you do that you will need to get the class proficiency to master. to check your current proficiency you can go to the class section, there you will be able to see your current proficiency for all subclasses.

How Get Master For Subclasses Quickly and efficiently? to do this easily you will need to get yourself a spell called Geo Blast. it can be obtained from the scroll and it can one shoot a geo block.

The best thing about this spell is that it can give a ton of experience if the only item world you are in is a carnage item which can be obtained through alchemist and the difficulty of the world is 20.

To completely master a subclass you need to fill every star slot present in it and also every subclass has a different experience cap to level up. you can switch the character through the Dark Assembly with anyone from the roster.

Just note one thing that not every item world has a geo block. so you might need to reload many times to get a geo-block in an item world.

Required things Before you begin gaining Stats

First, you need to get a max leveled Sage with decent stats, some evilities, and Skadi’s Ice Staff as the main weapon.

  • Have the Megaphone and it is extremely good for capturing the character.
  • A 100 days aged Elixir Curry to increase your HP massively.
  • A powerful unit which will act as an interrogator.
  • A maid with her own evilities.
Selecting A Proper Stage

There are many different stages which can help you can gain experience but the Double Fake is probably the best among them if you want to rack up XP points quickly.

This stage contains a lot of fragments of power which means every enemy which are killed in the revenge mode holds one of them and with the geo blast you will able to quickly destroy them.

Begin your Farming

From here select the Sage and equip it with the following evilities

  • Mass Blaster
  • Twin Heads
  • Fatal Slash
  • Heavy Stance
  • Violence
  • Wisdom Incarnate

And Also get the Skill Land Decimator

With this build, you will be able to get instantly kill most of the enemies if they have less SPD than you. also, you can attack twice a turn if you don’t move and if you have set Izuna to overload on your sage. then you even send a third attack.

If you have done everything properly you will have captured enough, at least 25 prisoners thanks to the build and the trusty megaphone. if you want more then you can just rinse and repeat the method and capture as many prisoners you want in Disgaea 5 Complete.

Interrogation On Prisoners

As mentioned above you need to have a powerful interrogator to successfully threaten them. once you complete the interrogation you can now extract magic power.

One full extraction gives 1 magic extract. you can just condensate all the extracts through the Dark Assembly.

Upgrading The Stats In Disgaea 5 Complete

This is the final step and again as mentioned you will need to use the Maid. just remember that the maid has the evility known as Cannon For An Arm which makes her use the magic extract in an AOE which will increase stats of multiple characters simultaneously.

The stat gain is not unlimited and it might be capped at 99 million but does not include HP. you can get 10 million from subclass and 10 million from shards which can be doubled to 40 mill using evilities.

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