Accounting+ – Guide To 100% Achievement And Walkthrough


Accounting+ has been released by Developer Squanch Games, Crows Crows Crows, and Publisher Crows Crows Crows. it is an indie casual adventure comedy game where you play as new Accountant in a firm but it is not what you expected it to be.

In the game, you will encounter many different characters who are not so friendly and have to make your way through the unforgiving profession which is filled with nightmarish adventure and crude humor.

Guide To 100% Achievement And Walkthrough In Accounting+

Throughout your progression in the story of the game, you will find many different secrets, mysteries which you can unlock.

Achievements are one of the many things you can unlock by completing certain tasks. some of them are easy to complete and some are a bit confusing. so in this guide, you will learn how to complete them easily.

Below you will find the list of all the achievements you unlock in Accounting+. you will also find an explanation on how to complete them.

A New Direction – to get this achievement just turn around in the tutorial.

Come On And Slam – go to the main hub world, then head toward towards the basketball hoop and start throwing the ball. you will need to miss all your shots.

The Joe Finegold Achievement Award – during the gang level, hold the brick and hold it until the 3 animals stop talking. eventually, after holding it long enough the brick will start talking. once the brick stops talking throw it at the window.

Grate Job – During the level of the king of VR, grab the knife from the table and drop it down on the grate in the floor.

Gate Job – During the level with the bone xylophone, go to the door that says it requires a secret coin to open it. here you need to keep knocking at the door and listen to all the guard’s dialogue soon he will you in without the coin.

Mandvcare Stercore – during the level with the bone xylophone, get inside the secret coin door. then put all the cassettes in the player until the right song plays(note you can insert all the cassettes the last one is always the right one)

Once the summoning items spawn you can do whatever you want with them and eventually it will burn up. then eat the gross poo to summon satan.

So How We Doing There? – after you get killed by Satan during the ritual or by drinking the acid from the bone xylophone level. you will arrive at the van level, here open the shutter to see cops pursuing you.

Then in the left, the gun case will open and you need to bring down all the cops until the pirate ship appears. then you need to shoot down all the ship to get the achievement.

Trophy FM – After destroying the pirate boss, start tuning the radio before continuing. keep tuning it until you get to the trophy station which will talk about you earning trophies.

Breaking News – During your second time in the forest, you will find that it is on fire. here you need to open the little birdhouse and then stick your head in it to watch the TV. once you hear bird noises you will get the Achievement.

The Reggie Watts Achievement Award – After you let the bomb explode in the forest fire level, you will arrive at the office area with a whiteboard. here you need to turn on the phone and listen to the two people complimenting and insulting you.

Wait until they stop talking and then keep flipping the board over and over until you get Reggie Watts.

Play Accounting+ – In the level select in the hub to go to the forest level, here you need to open the birdhouse, grab the seed and place it on the flower pot.

Once the guy comes out of the tree he will scold you for planting his seed and the seed will grow into a small flower. from here you need to play the game until you reach the forest fire level.

Here you will notice that the flower has now turned into a tree with an apple hanging from it. get the apple and place it on your face to get to a secret room where you find a creepy accounting+ fanboy sitting in the corner. wait until he takes off his headset and then grab it from his hand and then put it on yourself.

Cell La Vie – go to the first forest level where you first met the guy and wait until he comes out of the tree with a VR headset and a battery. now you need to rotate the Vr headset in its original position in a way so that the empty hole that the battery goes into faces the generator.

Now Walk to the generator, get the battery and throw it towards the VR headset. If you aim it correctly and it lands on the VR you will get the achievement.

Knife Meet You – Just visit the king of VR, grab the knife and try to position yourself in front of the king but remember to keep some distance between you and the king. then throw the knife towards the King’s Stomach.

Money Shot – go to the heart level where the bone xylophone and the secret door are present. here you need to go towards the secret door and knock on it. the guard will talk to you.

once he stops go towards the big bone that has the acid. then grab the coin next to it and throw the coin into the coin slot from a distance.

Get Cartridge Or Die Tryin – go to the first office level where you meet two phone guys. you need to follow their instructions until you are asked to insert the accounting cartridge. just get the cartridge and throw it into the slot from a distance.

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