Rimworld – Guide On How To Prevent Food Poisoning


Rimworld has been finally released by Publisher and Developer Ludeon Studios. it is an indie space colony management game and has been created by Tynan Sylvester who has previously worked on Bioshock Infinite.

In the game, you will need to settle a colony on an unknown planet. you will have to gather different resources to craft buildings, weapons, cloth, and other advanced devices. you will also need to defend your pawns and base from attacks of other tribes and animals.

Guide On How To Prevent Food Poisoning In Rimworld

Throughout your gameplay, you will have to manage many different aspects of the pawns to increase your colony successfully.

The food section is one of the important mechanics which you need to control as it the basic survival feature for all your Pawns. food poisoning is one the downside which comes with food and can cause major problems in your colony.

Below you will find a guide on how to use the prevent/ reduce the chance of food contamination within the colony.

Unavoidable Cases Of Food Poisoning

While increasing the size of your colony you will have many pawns under you and micromanaging each of them would be very hard.

As each Pawn comes with their own set of behaviors you may find that some pawn get hungry and they straight up eat rotten food, some just eat up raw food which makes them sick and in some unfortunate time the food just gets bad during the cooking.

You will face situations listed above which are unavoidable but you can reduce the instance of food poisoning in your colony by following the prevention methods present in below.

Pawn Cooking Skill Level

Every pawn in the game comes with a list of skills like Shooting, construction, Medical, Intellectual, crafting and more.

The cooking skill is one of them if your pawn has a low cooking level and you assign it to cook food. then you will get a slow cook who has a high chance of preparing food which will be contaminated and can cause food poisoning.

So what level Pawn should you choose to cook food? the straight answer would be to begin your game with a pawn who has a cooking skill level at 4-5. remember they too have a chance of preparing contaminated food but it is very low.

Kitchen Room Sanitation

Your kitchen room should always be clean otherwise you will risk getting your food contaminated and eventually get one your pawn to get food poisoning.

One of the main reason for your kitchen to get dirty is because of the blood from meat. the most common mistake made by many players is that they keep the house stove and the butcher station in the same room. this creates a lot of mess and increases the chance of contamination.

You can assign your pawn to clean the blood after butchering but it would not be efficient and it is very easy to miss when you focus on other matters.

So it is best to create two room one for the House stove and other for the butcher. this way you can increase the sanitation of the kitchen room.

Reduce Pawn Dirt Track Near The Freezer

In Rimworld, when the pawns move around the indoor areas the leave dirt track behind them which decrease Hygiene. if your pawns move around the freezer a lot then it will increase the chance of food contamination.

You need to place the freezer in a position that prevents the dirt track around them or you can just use the steam community mod Rimfridge which places three refrigerators around your colony effectively reducing the contamination.

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