Kingdom Rush Origins – Guide To 100% Achievements

Kingdom Rush Origins

Kingdom Rush Origins has been released by Developer and Publisher Ironhide Game Studios. it is an indie single player tower defense startegy game where players their mystical lands from invasion by different evil creatures.

In the game, you will command your elven army to fight against evil sorcerers, sea serpents and gnoll tribesman. you will need to use Towers, Elf Archers, Mystic Mages, Stone Druids and the Elven Infantry to protect your home.

Guide To 100% Achievements In Kingdom Rush Origins

While progressing through the different levels of the game you will be able to unlock many different secrets and Achievements.

There are a total of 71 achievements which you can unlock by completing certain requirements. so in this guide, you will learn how to complete each of them in Kingdom Rush Origins.

Below you will find the list of all the achievements and how to complete them. all of them are categorized and arranged in alphabetical order

Note – that the guide is still a Work in Progress and will be updated soon.

Achievements For Story Line Progression In Kingdom Rush Origins

1.21 Gigawatts! – Use 1210 lightning bolts.

Brother vs brother – Defeat 50 Twilight elves by using Renegades.

Counter Master – Defeat 250 enemies while silenced.

D&D – Have Beresad and Ashbite defeat 100 enemies.

Dogfight Ace – Defeat 25 Perythons by using Gryphon Riders.

Footloose – Do Perfect Parry for a total of 1000 damage.

Gathering the magic – Defeat 80 enemies with the magic Blossoms.

Gargamel – Squish 10 gnomes.

Gloomicide – Defeat 100 gloomies before they duplicate.

GnollbusterDefeat 900 gnolls in first 4 Stages.

Green Arrow – Defeat 500 enemies with reinforcements’ projectiles.

Heavyweight Class – Stun 10 or more enemies with a single clobber.

Killer Tomatoes! – Defeat 500 enemies with the poison Vines.

Lullaby! – Defeat 50 sleeping enemies.

I Meant The Red Wire – Make your soldiers avoid 50 blasting spell explosions.

I Volunteer As Tribute – Deploy at least 500 or more reinforcements into battle.

It’s A Kind Of Magic – Defeat 50 enemies with Eldritch Doom explosions.

Jurassic Lake – Crystalize a single creep for more than 10 secs.

Kingsfoil Leaves – Use regeneration 25 times on the same soldier.

Phantom Zoned – Keep enemies out of time for a total of 1000 seconds.

Rambo Style – Defeat 50 flying enemies with Arcane Burst arrows.

Tauriel Apprentice – Do 600 Blade Dance moves.

The Bigger They Are… – Defeat 7 Golems before they cross half the stage.

The Bone Collector – Collect 100,000 gold from defeated enemies.

Vorpal Blade – Defeat 5 Bandersnatches only by dealing them damage.

War never changes – Lose 1,500 of your own soldiers defeated in battle.

Wildfire Harvest – Throw 1,000 burning nuts.

Winter Is Coming – Freeze 100 enemies with the Sorcerer’s Stones

Achievements related to Campaign And Hero In Kingdom Rush Origins

Ace of Spades – Complete Stage 5 Royal Gardens without building any barracks.

Beornings – Collect 8 or more Runed Bears in any single stage.

Brave Little Tailor – Don’t die against an Ettin on Stage 4.

Ding! Ding! Ding! – Raise the level of 3 basic heroes to level 10.

Game of Thrones – Defeat Malicia

Garden Song – activate 50 magical plants.

Get the party started – win stage 1 with 3 stars.

Great Defender – Complete the Campaign on Normal difficulty.

Heroic Rush – Complete all campaign Heroic challenges.

I need a Hero – Complete 3 stages in total without the hero dying.

Iron Rush – Complete all campaign Iron challenges.

It’s a Trap! – Stop Mactans from webbing at least 8 towers.

Not Today! – Complete 7 stages without dying.

Only counts as one – Defeat 10 enemies with a single thunderbolt power in any stage

Pixiebell – Earn 3 stars on each Faery Grove campaign stage.

Red Five – Complete any stage with 5 active arcane sentinels.

Rockstar – Earn 50 stars.

Robin Of Elfwood – Earn 3 stars on each Elven Woods campaign stage.

Shenzi, Banzai & Ed – Complete stage 3 without scaring more than 3 hyenas.

Starcraft – Earn all the stars from each Campaign stage.

Stardust – Earn 30 stars.

Stargazer – Earn 15 stars

The Art of War – you need to read every tip cards but this tips only in the first few stages.

Truth or Dare – before the next wave comes, you need to press the skull 13 times. you can do it on any stage.

We are the Champions – Defeat the Spider Goddess!.

Achievements For Revealing Secrets, Clicking Objects, Structure Kills

1,2,3…Plant! – Grow 100 barbed vines.

Call me Mr. Pig – Make the Razor Boars trample and kill 20 enemies.

Candy Rush – Save Hans and Ethel.

Dwarf Falls – Click on dwarf in the river to save them. you need to do it 13 times in Waterfalls Trail.

Fee-fi-fo-fum! – Grow the beanstalk into the clouds.

George Fall – Find George and Click on Him

I Like To Move It! – Entertain the funny Lemure.

Killtacular! – Crimson Sentence 10 enemies in a single wave.

Peekaboo – Find the three playing friends.

No Pain, No Gain – Deal over 100,000 damage with Sylvan Curses.

Scissorfinger – Click on the three bushes and get three even in Royale Gardens.

Shroom Says – Complete the 9 tap challenge in the Shroom game.

Simcity – Build a Level 4 tower on every stage.

Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Find the three apprentice relics.

Valar Morghulis – Mark 5 targets simultaneously.

White Rabbit – You need to scare 11 rabbits by clicking on them. you can find them in Stage 1,2,3 and 5.

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