Lego DC Super-Villains – Location Of All The Red Bricks

Lego DC Super-Villains

Lego DC Super-Villains will the the fourth installment in the Lego DC franchise. it is a spin-off to the Lego Batman trilogy and will be the first Lego game focusing entirely on villains of the DC Universe.

The story of Lego DC Super-Villains revolves around you as a new rookie villains who will be joining other super villains to unleash mischievous antics and wreaking havoc. but on your adventure you will encounter the Justice Syndicate who are acting as the new superheroes of Metropolis.

Location Of All The Red Bricks In Lego DC Super-Villains

Just like most lego games here too you will be able to gather many different types of collectibles to unlock achievements and other goodies.

The Redbrick is one of the many collectibles which you can collect to get more new features. there are 20 such bricks spread across 15 normal levels and 5 bonus levels.

Star Lab Location – You can see your progress in STAR Labs building in Metropolis. just go to the bottom of the building and enter the elevator.

Then head to the back side of the lab and enter through the window to get to the large Red Brick Screen. you can activate abilities by going through the “Extras” menu of Lego DC Super-Villains.

Below you will find the location of all the 20 red brick and how to get them during your playthrough and activate new features and game modes.

Red Brick #1

In Level 1 New Kid On The Block, Helium Mode – here you need to head to the clock tower and go near the golden statue. you will find the brick on the hand of this statue.

Red Brick #2

In Level 2 It’s Good To Be Bad, Paint Splat Footprints – here you need to destroy the fish tank present on the second level. then use the telekinesis and throw the fish down onto the floor for the shark. this will reward you with the red brick.

Red Brick #3

In Level 3 S.T.A.R.S. In Your Eyes, Big Head Mode – here you need to find the Super Strength handle and then get inside it. in the room use light to reveal a switch. now use a fast character to press five switches in a short time to get your reward.

Red Brick #4

In Level 4 The Harley and the Ivy, Collect Guide Studs – here you need to reach the top of the Communication Tower to meet the party. then fly up and destroy the Lego statue. this will create a lantern which will give you the red brick.

Red Brick #5

In Level 5 Arkham Barely Believe It, Minikit Detector – here during the Doctor Hugo Strange battle you need to enter the area revealed behind steam vents. so destroy the bricks and keep moving until you reach a secret area.

Now you will find an electric puzzle, it is easy, so complete it quickly and lower the characters down. this will break the wall and reveal the red brick.

Red Brick #6

In Level 6 Con-Grodd-UIations, Attract Studs – here at the beginning of the level use Ivy to grow a plant and turn it into a large blue flower. then head up the stairs and grow other plants, after that turn all the plants toward the light and you will soon get the Redbrick.

Red Brick #7

In Level 7 Oa No!, Confetti Punch – here go to the camera and find the Detective Mode option. then use grapple switch present in Detective Mode to bring the ship to the dock. now destroy all items present on the ship to reveal the brick.

Red Brick #8

In Level 8 Fight At The Museum, 2x Studs – here go to the upper floor of the back room and you will find a glass wall. break it and then use the mirror portal present in the hall with a switch to another mirror portal. use them and you will find the brick.

Red Brick #9

In Level 9 Sea-King Trouble, Fast Interactions – here when you end the last boss area, go right and you break down the glass window present there. this will reveal two eyes along with a song. play the song to unlock your reward.

Red Brick #10

In Level 10 Gridlocked, Pew Pew Mode – here you need to first disable the robot receptionist at the Lex Corp Lobby. then go to the safe and use the Detective Mode to find the code. now just use the telekinesis to enter the numbers and you will get your reward.

Red Brick #11

In Apokolips, Wow!, Gold Brick Detector – here when you reach the walkway you will find a wall just head which can be moved with telekinesis. so remove it and you will find a switch, press it and you will get your reward.

Red Brick #12

In Level 12 The One With The T.Rex Mech, DC Captions – here in Themyscira, fly to the left side and you will see a building with three bells. now match the colors from the floor to ring one of the three bells and you will get the reward.

Red Brick #13

In Level 13 They Think It’s Owl Over, Character Token Detector – at the end of the justice hall you need to tag the wall to destroy it. then assemble to create a treadmill. then you need to use the additional pieces from the treadmill to create a container which contains the red brick.

Red Brick #14

In Level 14 Steppenwolf Surprise, Demolition Mode – in Wayne Tower, at the end of the offices you need to go to the balcony with two Mirror portals. then activate both the portals and go inside. here, look for a cabinet, destroy it and get your reward.

Red Brick #15

In Level 15 Darkseid of the Moon, 4xStuds – go to the control room on the right side and then use the electric switch to remove the force field. then fly up towards the throne to activate it twice with Livewire, this will give you the red brick in Lego DC Super-Villains.

Red Brick #16

Bonus Level 1 Granny Knows Best, 6x Studs – here you need to destroy the graffiti wall and get then get inside. then destroy different items present around the bath and then use them to build a switch. activate it and burst the bubbles to find the brick.

Red Brick #17

Bonus Level 2 Man To Mantis, Super Slap – go to the area under the giant gear and activate a switch to get the Brick.

Red Brick #18

Bonus Level 3 These Boots Are Made For Stompa, 8x Studs – during the fight against Stompa grow a flower and you will get a Red Brick.

Red Brick #19

Bonus Level 4 Arma-Ghetto Superstar, Party Hat Mode – near the level’s start Use Graffiti on the wall to get your reward.

Red Brick #20

Bonus Level 5 You Kanto-uch This, 10x Studs – you need to enter Kanto’s trophy room to get the brick.

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