Rimworld – List Of Useful Mods (Does not Effect Gameplay Balance)


Rimworld has been released on PC via steam by Publisher and Developer Ludeon Studios. it is a 2D sandbox survival base building game where players land on a distant planet and now have to create a base and settle.

In the game, you will be able to Craft structures, weapons, and other items by collecting basic resources like metal, wood, stone, cloth, and more. you will also need to Fight pirates, tribes, mad animals, giant insects to protect your base and colonists.

List Of Useful Mods (Does not Effect Gameplay Balance) In Rimworld

The game has been designed with many in-depth features which allow deep customization and controls over every aspect of the game.

The only problem with them is that the basic UI and management controls make the game harder then it should be. so in this guide, you will find a list of mods for enhancing and improving gameplay without affecting the basic gameplay balance.

Below you will find the mods divided into two section one for management mods and another for UI control mods.

Colonist and Resource Management Mods For Rimworld

Rimworld Search Agency

This mod adds a search box to the UI which lets you search through stockpile filters and workbench bills. it will save time as you won’t have to manually look through menus.

  • Link for the mod – here

Better Workbench Management

This mod allows you to better manage your work and resources, for example, you can set the default bill behavior to drop on the floor instead of “take to best stockpile”. there are more similar features so you should try it

  • Link for the mod – here

Allow Tool

This mod contains a set of tools which can be used to forbid and unforbid items, Cut all blighted crops, Mine all minerals touching currently and more.

  • Link for the mod – here


This mod allows you to have better control over your pawns. the best part is that you can position multiple colonists at the same time without needing to click on each pawn, haul, and repair outside the area, force job and more

  • Link for the mod – here


This mod gives you a customizable colonist-overview tab that adds or remove parameters like equipment, shooting accuracy, medicine allowance, etc. great mod to track each of the pawns.

  • Link for the mod – here


This mod divides your medicine into four categories minor (bruises/cuts), major (serious wounds), life-threatening (infections), and surgeries. this will help you to not waste high tier medicine for patching up bruises and cuts.

Link for the mod – here

Complex Jobs

This mod helps you organize proper job categories like Surgeon, Butcher, Tamer. this ensures that only a proper skilled colonist works on a particular job for example. you do not want a low skill doctor to perform an organ transplant.

Link for the mod – here


This mod allows you to add certain common items to multiple rooms at once. for example, adding a bed and two pieces of furniture to 10 different rooms.

Link for the mod – here

Pawn Rules

This mod allows you to restrict pawns into certain activities, for example, food selection, here it will restrict and set rules that pawns will try to feed themselves with only certain foods. the mod has more similar features.

Link for the mod – here

UI Control Mods For Rimworld

Heat Map

This mod adds a temperature overlay over the area which makes it easy for players to distinguish between cold and hot areas.

Link for the mod – here

Damage Indicators

This mod appears above the pawns whenever they take damage. this helps to better control them in combats.

Link for the mod – here

Smart Speed

This mod allows you to change or remove the forced slowdown effect for dangerous’ events. it also allows you to do ultra fast speed without enabling developer mode.

  • Link for the mod – here

Work Tab

This mod provides a better UI for more customizable jobs, important work and more.

Link for the mod – here

Medical Tab

This mod shows vital medical statistics for Colonists, Animals, Prisoners, Visitors, and Hostiles. you can also see efficiency on all capabilities Schedule, new operations and see planned operations.

Link for the mod – here

Animal Tab

This mod adds extra categories which let you add tags like name, gender, age, body size (meat). Filter by race, and many more.

Link for the mod – here

TD Enhancement Pack

This mod adds various UI improvements like Overlays for unbuildable terrain, terrain fertility, unbuildable area, beauty and more

Link for the mod – here

Silent Doors

As the name suggest this mod removes the sound effect from the door.

  • Link for the mod – here

Predator Hunt Alert

This mod gives you an alert whenever a wild hostile animal attacks a colonist. with this, you won’t lose them to simple animals.

  • Link for the mod – here

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