Destiny 2 Festival Of The Lost – How To Farm Fragmented Souls Quickly

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 team from Developer Bungie and Publisher Activision have been pumping a lot of after release content. they have already released three DLC and plenty of other side content which will keep up the Guardians.

Now they have released the Festival Of The Lost update to celebrate Halloween and it has brought plenty of new features and content for the Guardians to explore.

How To Farm Fragmented Souls Quickly In Destiny 2 Festival Of The Lost

The new Halloween even Festival of the lost has brought plenty of new weapons, gears, events and other cosmetics items which can be unlocked by Completing certain tasks.

Most of the items in this event can be simply unlocked if you have enough Fragmented souls. but getting this item will require a lot of grinding and completing tedious tasks.

How Many Fragmented Souls Do You Need To Unlock All items? – the straight answer would be 410 Fragmented Souls to unlock all masks and the auto rifle present in the Festival of the Lost.

There are three masks which can be bought for 30 souls each, five masks for 40 souls each and the Horry Story Auto Rifle for 410 fragmented souls.

So below you will find all the methods which you can use to quickly earn the souls and unlock all the event items.

How To Farm Fragmented Souls

Complete daily and Weekly Quests From Amanda Holliday

Once you have completed the first mission of the festival of the lost. return to Amanda and you will be able to pick up many different quests and bounties from her.

The daily quests/bounties reward players with 1 soul upon completion and the weekly quests./bounties reward players with 40 souls upon completion. but if you rely only on the soul rewards from Amanda then you won’t be able to unlock all of them.

Complete PVE task in Haunted Forest

Here you will need to kill a bunch of enemies until you reach 100% on a particular branch. after maxing out the percentage you will be teleported to a boss fight room. you will need to fight it, defeat it and then move to the next branch.

The key thing to note is that it is a timed event of 15 mins. you will need to progress into as much Branch possible. there a total of seven branches and the further you are able to move into the branch the more fragmented souls you earn.

And the major point of this activity is that you can repeat it as many times you can. so if you have completed Amanda’s bounties then this should be your main focus.

Opening Chests In Haunted Forest

While completing your run in the Haunted Forest you will encounter chests which also rewards you with fragmented souls.

These chests are mostly present in front of a statue and rewards two souls per chest. per round, you may encounter 1 or 2 chests just by exploring the dark dim Forest.

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