Destiny 2 – How To Unlock Luna’s Howl Legendary Hand Cannon

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is the sequel to the Destiny and is the second installment in the series which continues the story of the game. it is an open world shooter game where players play as a Guardian tasked with objectives to stop enemies trying to ruin the universe.

Till now the game has released tons of new updates and three DLC which expands the story, side events, quests, gears, guardian abilities and more. now the team behind the game have released more content which means more space adventure.

How To Unlock Luna’s Howl Legendary Hand Cannon In Destiny 2

The devs of the game have updated the game with many new contents which includes new armor, weapons, crucible and much more.

The Luna’s Howl is one of the many new weapons updated into the game. it is a legendary hand cannon and comes with a unique appearance and very good perks.

Below you will find the list of all the six quests you need to complete to get this unique legendary hand cannon.

Luna’s Howl

To get this legendary hand cannon you will need to complete a lot of requirement which means a lot of grinding.

First Quest – So first you need to do the Shock and Denial quest which you can obtain from Shaxx. in this particular quest you will need to complete 10 Crucible matches from the Competitive playlist.

Second Quest – After that, you will need complete Pain and Guilt quest which you can obtain from Shaxx. in this quest you need to get 150 Hand Cannon kills in the Crucible Competitive playlist.

Third Quest – Then you will need to complete the Anger and Bargaining quest. in this particular quest, you will have to get 200 Solar last hit on enemies in the Crucible Competitive playlist.

Fourth Quest – you will then need to complete the Depression and Loneliness quest in which you will have to complete 3 Crucible matches from the Rumble playlist.

Fifth Quest – then you will have to complete The Upward Turn quest in which you need to score 200 headshot kills with hand cannons in the Crucible Competitive playlist.

Sixth Quest – another quest which you need to complete is the Reconstruction in which you need climb through the rank and get the Crucible rank Fabled.

Collecting Luna’s Howl – Once you have completed all the quest listed above you will need to go to Shaxx. this will give you your desired Legendary Hand Cannon Luna’s Howl.

Details Of The Legendary Hand Cannon Luna’s Howl

This legendary cannon comes with some pretty good perks. it has Precision Frame which lets you fire quickly with good accuracy. it also has Polygonal Rifling which increases the Drop mag and the stability meaning better reload time and less recoil.

Then you also get Magnificent Howl which grants short period of bonus damage until you miss or kill a target. it also has the Zen moment which increases the weapon’s stability when causing damage.

If you are a grinder and love stats then you will love this weapon more. as it has a Crucible Tracker which tracks the number of enemies you killed in the Crucible. you will also find the Kill Tracker which tracks the overall kill with it.

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