Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 – How To Get Death Of Orion In IX Map

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 has finally arrived and just like all the COD games it too will be a first person shooter game. but this time instead of having a traditional campaign mode you will get Solo Missions which focuses on the backstories of Specialists characters.

The game features ten specialists characters and four of them are new to the series. you will also find the remake of the zombie maps, and the return of five fan-favorite maps classic maps and the most notable addition will be the Battle Royale mode Blackout.

How To Get Death Of Orion In IX Map In Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

In the latest remastered edition of the IX map, you will be able to unlock many different types of old, new and wonder weapons.

Death Of Orion is one of the many wonder weapons present in the game which will let you a scorpion as a weapon. but unlocking it can be a very tedious and long process so if you want it, read further.

To unlock Death Of Orion you will need to get some basic and advanced weapons and items which will help you get the wonder weapon more easily in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4.

Unlock The Shield

In IX zombie map you will be able to craft a shield known as the Blazing Bull Shield. this shield will help you gain Crowd Affinity which is needed to get required items further into the process.

To craft it you will need to collect three necessary parts and also find a Workbench. below you will find a guide on the location of all the Shield parts.

Unlock Pack-a-Punch

The PaP device lets you upgrade your weapon and increase its damage. to unlock it you will need to defeat the four champions present in the Danu temple, Ra temple, Odin Temple, and Zeus Temple.

You can find a guide below on the location of the PaP and the four champions of Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

Collect The Acid Trap Parts

To complete the Acid Trap you will need to collect two different parts present in the room where you previously unlocked the Pack-a-Punch which is in the Temple area(the underground location)

Acid Trap part #1 Chain – All you need to do is face the front side of the PaP from the small stairs and then from your location look hard right you will notice a room. in that particular room, you will find the chain hanging from the wall.

Acid Trap part #2 Wheel – this part is also located in the PaP room. just face the front side of the PaP and from there go to the top left corner of the room. you will find it under a cage.

Shoot The Fire Urn

After collecting the acid part you need to shoot down the fire urn. it is present in the room located in front of the Pack-a-Punch device. you just need to move from Temple > Danu-Ra Temple Entrance.

There you will find a metal grid between the Danu-Ra entrance, beyond this grid you will see a Fire urn sitting on a pedestal. you can use any PaP weapon or a grenade to knock down the urn. if done successfully you will see a fire pillar rise from the fire urn location.

Locating The Skull In Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

With the fire pillar step completed now, you need to head upwards to the stone bridge which is right above the Danu-Ra entrance and between the two temples. the bridge is accessible from both Danu and Ra Temple.

From the stone bridge look down and you will notice a fire symbol pointing at a certain God temple. note that different players will get different directions. the fire arrow symbol shows the location of the skull.

Now as the Skull does not spawn directly into the Temple room of their respective God. it is pretty hard to find them so below you will find all the spawn location for all the four temples.

  • If Arrow is pointing to Danu – Danu Altar room > Danu Tower: Entrance > Danu Tower: Arboretum(present two level down from the Altar room). you will find it at the foot of one of the trees.
  • If Arrow is pointing to Ra – Arena > Ra Tower: Entrance > Ra Tower: Burial Chamber(underground area). the skull will be present in one of the Fire pits present in the corner of the room.
  • If Arrow is pointing to Odin – Pit > Odin Tunnel > Odin Zeus Temple Entrance > Odin Tower: Cauldron. the skull can be found on the base of the giant Cauldron.
  • If Arrow is pointing to Zeus – Zeus Altar Room > Zeus Tower: Entrance > Zeus Tower: Bath House(present two level down from the Altar room). you will need to check the corner of the bath/blood of water.
Melting The Skull

For this step, you will need to head to the narrow corridor of Ra Tower: Entrance. it is the pathway which connects the Arena and the Ra Temple.

In this narrow corridor, you will find a lever-like structure on the wall. interact with it and craft the Acid Trap. now look on the floor of this corridor and you will find a metal grid, you need to place the skull on that grid and turn on the Acid Trap.

This will cause the Acid to drop on the skull and melt it completely. after it melts go near the metal grid and you will receive a Scorpion Key.

Get The Golden Base

After getting the Scorpion Key you will need head to the Arena and start killing zombies. just note that you need to have the “Crowd Affinity” to full green. you can achieve these by not taking damage, killing zombies with specialist weapons, using traps and not hurting the crowd.

Once the crowd is pleased you will hear an announcement and after few seconds a small gift will fall down in the arena. this should be the Golden base.

If you get some other item then remember to max the Crowd Affinity and keeping killing more zombies until you get the golden base in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4.

Collecting the Death Of Orion

With the Scorpion Key and The Golden base, head down to Danu’s underground area. you can follow the path below.

  • Danu Altar room > Danu Tower: Entrance > Danu Tower: Arboretum

At one of the tree, you will find a very small hole. you need to jab the Scorpion key into the tree. this will cause the tree to drip poison. you now need to place the Golden Base below the tree base so that all the poison gets collected in it.

Once the Golden base is full of poison, take it and head towards the Mystery box located in the Fallen Hero room. it is accessible by the following path.

  • Danu-Ra Temple Entrance > The Collapsed Tunnel > Fallen Hero.

Go near the mystery box and stick to the left to it. be careful you need hit square when you get the prompt “Poison The Mystery Box“. if done correctly you will receive the Death Of Orion.

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