Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 – Unlock Silver Spoon In Blood Of The Dead

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 is the latest first-person shooter game and has been published by Activision and developer Treyarch. it will be a sequel to the 2015’s Black Ops 3 but will feature no traditional campaign mode.

The devs have focused major parts of the game in the multiplayer map mode, Zombie Maps and the COD’s own battle royale mode Blackout which supports up to 100 online players. you will find four new specialists and three remastered zombie maps.

Unlock Silver Spoon In Blood Of The Dead In Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

While progressing through the game you will find many different old and new weapons and other useful devices/non-combat items.

The Silver Spoon is one of the many old classic weapons which you unlock in the latest game. it is a melee weapon as the name suggest looks like a spoon. but it deals very high damage which easily makes it the most favorable close combat weapon.

To get it you will need to have some basic and advanced items. below you will find a guide on how to get all the required items and the Silver Spoon.

Get the Spectral Shield

This one of the new items present in the remastered edition of the blood of the dead map. to craft it you will need to find three different Shield parts and a workbench.

You can easily find a workbench but finding the shield parts can be a bit tedious and time taking as they do not have a fixed location. fortunately, they spawn only in a limited section of the map. so you can follow the guide below and learn how to get yourself the Shield.

Get The Hell’s Retriever

This is one of the classic COD weapons also known as the Tomahawk. you can unlock it by feeding the Red Dog Head with the zombies. the cool feature about this weapon is that it can retrieve items which you cannot reach with your character.

You can follow the guide listed below to find all the Red Dog Head marking present on the map and learn how to get the weapon in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4.

Get The Blundergat And Upgrade It Into One Elemental Gat

The Blundergat will also be making its return into the black ops 4. but this time getting it can be bit tricky. you will need to have the Hell’s Retriever and the Spectral Shield to collect five blue skulls scattered around the map.

You can find the guide on how to get the Blundergat below

Once you have the Blundergat you can need to upgrade it to either a Magama gat or Acid gat. it is necessary to get one elemental upgrade to unlock the silver spoon. below you will find a guide on how to upgrade to Acid Gat

How To Get The Silver Spoon In Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

Once you have the Hell’s Retriever, Spectral Shield and your Elemental Gat you can start the process to get the Silver Spoon.

Get Your Secret Number – First, go the Warden’s Office, it is the main room with a table and a vending machine on the left side. once you are in the room, go to the left and use the Spectral Shield to view the number on the three pillars present in the room.

Note that you can only view the number from the left side of the room and the numbers are random for each player. you need to read the number from right to left and memorize it.

Enter the Number In Fuse Box – After you get your three number, you need to head down to the underground area. to get there take the route from Michigan Avenue which leads down.

Michigan Avenue > Citadel > Citadel Tunnels

In the Citadel Tunnels look for a fuse box on the right side with three electric sign on it. you need to use your Spectral Shield and drain the essence from zombies. when the shield has full charge shoot the spirit blast on the fuse box.

The Fusebox will activate and now you can need to enter the number you got from the Warden’s Office. if done correctly a big cage present in the citadel tunnel will fall down. this cage can be seen on your way up from the fuse box.

Collecting the Spoon – after completing the above lengthy steps you need to head to the dock. there you will find a Voltmeter/Spirit meter. it is present in the center of the Dock.

Once again charge your shield to the max and shoot the meter with the Spirit Blast to activate it. this will move the crane and will bring the skeletons caught in the net near the dock.

You need to use the Hell’s Retriever on the net, this will cut the arm of the skeleton which has the spoon and it will fall just below the net on a wooden crate. now all you need to do is collect the Silver Spoon from top of the crate.

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