Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 – Unlock Golden Spork In Blood Of The Dead

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 will be the latest game created by Developer Treyarch and Publisher Activision. it will be the fifth entry into the Black ops series and just like all the COD games it too will be a first person shooter game.

In the game, you will find four new specialists Recon, Ajax, Torque, Crash and the remakes of five classic maps Jungle, Slums, Summit, Firing Range and Nuketown. you will also find a remastered edition of IX, Voyage Of Despair and Blood Of The Dead.

Unlock Golden Spork In Blood Of The Dead In Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

Throughout the game, you will be able to unlock and use many new and classic weapons and items/devices.

The players favorite Golden Spork will also be able to present in Black Ops 4. it is a melee weapon with a golden color and can one shot zombies making it pretty effective if you get pinned down by lots of enemies.

Below you will find a guide on how to unlock the Golden Spork. you will need to get some basic and advanced items so get them first and then go for the spork.

Get The Hell’s Retriever

The classic Tomahawk weapon will be making its return to the latest edition of the game. as the name suggest it will Retrieve items hit by it or damage enemies.

To get this weapon you will need to feed the Red Dog’s heads with zombies. you can follow the guide listed below to find the location of all Red Dog Head marking.

How To Get Spectral Shield

The shield is not new to the COD zombie maps but this particular shield comes with new features like Spirit Blast, Draining enemies Essence, Afterlife vision and of course protecting you from range and melee attacks.

To get the spectral shield you will need to collect the three necessary shield parts and assemble it at the Workbench. below you will find the location of all of these parts to complete it it in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4.

Get The Blundergat And Upgrade It To Elemental Gat

The Blundergat weapon will also be making its return but unlocking it is a very tedious and time taking task. there are two ways to get this weapon, if you are lucky then you can get by opening one of the weapons crates.

The second way is to collect five blue skulls scattered across the map of the Blood Of The Dead. to get these skulls you will need the Hell’s Retriever and the Spectral Shield. below you can find the full guide on how to get one.

Once you have the Blundergat you need to upgrade it to either Acid Gat or Magma Gat. just note it is necessary to get any one of the elemental gat.

How To Get Silver Spoon

With the Hell’s Retriever, Spectral Shield and the Elemental Blundergat you can now get the Silver Spoon. it is a simple process which you can do easily, below you will find a guide to it.

How To Get Golden Spork In Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

Once you have acquired yourself the Silver Spoon you can upgrade it to Golden Spork which will require a bit work.

Dip the Spoon in Bathtub – So first go to the topmost area of the Infirmary, in the infirmary you need to look for a room with a white bathtub in it.

Once you find the bathtub, place your Silver Spoon into the bathtub and head towards the roof of the Infirmary.

Collect Blood – On the roof you will need to kill the Zombies, remember that you need to kill them with your elemental gat it can either be an Acid gat or a Magma gat. killing them with the elemental one makes their blood drip from the roof into the bathtub.

Once you have killed enough Zombies, return to the bathtub and press square if you are not getting the square prompt then you need to kill more zombies and fill it up with blood. when your press square all the blood will drain and your spoon will disappear from the tub.

Collect The Golden Spork – From here head towards the Catwalk it is accessible from the West Grounds. you need to climb all the stairs of the catwalk until you get the clear view of a water tank.

You will notice that the Water tank is leaking blood this means that you have done the above steps successfully.

Now all you need to do is throw the Hell’s Retriever and the circle present at the bottom center of the Water tank. if done correctly you will receive a Golden Spork.

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