Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 – How To Get Blundergat In Blood Of The Dead

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 has been released by Developer Treyarch and publisher Activision. it will be a first-person shooter game and comes with many new different mechanics like predictive recoil and a new ballistics system.

In the game, you will see the return of Specialists a special soldier class with special abilities and traits. you will also find the remastered edition of the popular zombie maps and a brand new battle royale mode.

How To Get Blundergat In Blood Of The Dead Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

The Blundergat makes its return into the latest COD game and there are two ways of getting this weapon.

The first one is by opening weapon crates if you are lucky you will be able to get it from one of the many weapon boxes present on the map.

But if you are unable to get it then you need to follow the second method listed below which will give you the Blundergat.

Get The Hell’s Retriever

Hell’s Retriever also known as the Tomahawk is another weapon you can unlock in the Blood Of The Dead Zombie map. you need to get this weapon as it is necessary to unlock the Blundergat. if you do not have the Hell’s Retriever and do not know how to get it then you can follow the guide below.

Spectral Shield

This is another item you can unlock in the Blood Of The Dead map. just note that it is not needed to unlock the Blundergat. but it is recommended that you get it as it will make your mission easier.

To get the spectral shield you will need to collect the three shield parts and to assemble it you will need a workbench. below you will find a guide on the location of all the shield parts and how to get them.

Location Of All The Five Blue Skulls

To complete the Blundergat you will need five blue skulls which are scattered across the map. you will find the location of all of them in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4.

Blue Skull #1 – this skull can be found on the West Ground. you can access this location by going through one of the exits of the New Industries.

Once you arrive in West Ground, use the Spectral shield vision mode and look at the staircase outside a building. hit the blue skull with the tomahawk and you will collect it.

Blue Skull #2 – this skull is present in one of the prison cell present on the ground floor of C-D Street. you can follow the path below to get it. then use the shield to find the skull and then hit it with the tomahawk.

Times Square > Cell Block Entrance > D Block > Library > C-D Street.

Blue Skull #3 – this skull is present in the rooftop of the infirmary where you would also find the Pack-a-Punch device. to get there move through the Cell Block all the way up and you will reach the Infirmary. from here use the stair and you will arrive at the rooftop.

Then go near the Pack-a-Punch/ Electric chair and stand on the right side of it. from here use the Spectral Shield vision to find the blue skull and hit it with the Tomahawk to collect it.

Blue Skull #4 – this skull is present on the Docks Bridge. so just go down the Docks Bridge and stand near the water. from here use the shield vision to look for the blue skull. it is present on the top of a pylon on the left side. once you find it use the tomahawk to get it.

Blue Skull #5 – this skull is present on top of an Electric pole it is present right between the Eagle Plaza and the Warden’s Office. you need to be near the pole to hit the skull with the Tomahawk or you won’t reach it.

Collecting The Blundergat

Finally with all the Blue Skulls collected you can now retrieve the Blundergat. to collect it you will need to go to the main office of the Warden’s Office. the weapon is present on top of the table.

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