Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 – How To Get Acid Gat In Blood Of The Dead

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 will be the latest addition to the COD series, it will be the sequel to 2015 game COD: BO3 and the fifth entry in the Black Ops subseries. the story of the game begins around the year 2043 in Washington where Savannah Mason trains the black ops.

It features a total of ten Specialists characters, six of them return from the BO3 and rest four are new to series. apart from that, you will find many new old and new maps and game modes. it also comes with new battle mechanics which changes the combat slightly.

How To Get Acid Gat In Blood Of The Dead Map, Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

Throughout your gameplay, you will be able to unlock and collect many different types of weapons and other devices.

Blundergat is one of the classic weapons which will be returning to the black ops 4 and you will be able to upgrade it to Acid gat which as the name suggest fires Acid on the enemies.

If you too are unable to get this weapon then you can follow this guide to unlock it. you will find how to get the Blundergat and also find the location of all the Acid Gat parts.

Getting the Blundergat In Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

To get the Blundergat you will need to collect the five blue skulls scattered across the map. but before you do that you must get the Hell’s Retriever if you don’t have it or do not know how to get it then you can follow this guide to get it easily.

Once you have the Hell’s Retriever get the Spectral shield. it is not necessary but it will make your search for the blue skulls very easy.

Now you all you need to do is follow this guide on Location of all the Blue Skulls to get the Blundergat. after getting the Blundergat you can follow the rest of the guide to upgrade it to the Acid Gat.

Acid Gat Part #1 –  Case

This case can be found in the Transverse Tunnel, sitting beneath the wall weapon and can be picked up after leaving the New Industries building. you can follow the path below to get to it.

West Grounds(move on the left side) > PowerHouse > Transverse Tunnel (accessed through the gate present on the right after entering the Powerhouse)

Acid Gat Part #2 – Motor

After you get the first part you will need to go deeper into the Tunnel to get the second one. you can follow the path listed below.

Transverse Tunnel > New Industries > D Block >  Library > C-D Street > Cell Block 2nd Floor > Michigan Avenue > Wardens’s Office.

If you haven’t unlocked the gate to Warden’s Office then you will need to open it up by powering it. to do that go left from Michigan Avenue deep to the underground area.

Michigan Avenue > Citadel > Citadel Tunnels > China Alley > Building 64

In the building 64 area, you will need to turn on the power and then return back to the Warden’s office gate. inside the office go right and you will able to open another gate and pick up the part sitting on a table.

Acid Gat Part #3 – Acid bottle

The third and last part is present on the way to the roof of the infirmary. you can access the infirmary through the Cellblock 3rd floor.

In the Infirmary, look for an area which has a cage like rooms, in that room, you will find a cupboard and inside it, you will find the last part.

Assembling The Acid Gat

Once you have the Blundergat and all the three Acid Gat parts get to a Workbench and assemble it. you can find a workbench in the Cellblock 3rd floor. to get there follow the path listed below

Warden’s House > Eagle Plaza > Warden’s office > Administration > Sally Port > Michigan Avenue > Cell Block 2nd Floor > Cell Block 3rd Floor.

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