Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 – Blood Of The Dead Pack-a-Punch Guide

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 will the 15th main installment in the Call of Duty series and the fifth entry in the Black Ops series. just like most COD games this edition too will be a first-person shooter.

You will be able to play remastered edition of the classic zombie maps such as Voyage of Despair, IX, and Blood of the Dead. it will also feature a battle royale mode known as Blackout, it will have all the characters from the entire Black Ops series with all weapons and other devices.

Where And How To Unlock Pack-a-Punch In Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

While progressing through the story you will be able to unlock and get many different types of old and new weapons, shields and much more.

The Pack-a-Punch is one of the many old features which will be returning to Black ops 4. just like the previous edition you can use it to upgrade your firepower. but as the Blood Of The Dead map has been remastered you will have to use a different method to get to it.

Below you will method on where and how you can get to the Pack-a-Punch. it is a bit tedious and lengthy process but is totally worth it.

Build The Spectral Shield

The latest new feature to the game is the Spectral Shield which can be used for various purpose. it can protect you from both melees and ranged attacks, it can drain the essence from the enemies and also strike them with an electric charge.

But to get the Pack-a-Punch you will need the Spirit Blast ability of Spectral Shield which can be used to unlock an inaccessible area of the map.

To Craft the Spectral Shield you will need three spectral shield part and a workbench – you can follow the guide, listed below which will show you the location of all the three parts and how the shield works.

Charge The Shield

Once you crafted the Spectral Shield you are ready to open locked areas. but before that you will need to charge the shield.

To charge it you can use the appropriate button to use the sidearm weapon and drain the essence of the enemies and fill the charge.

Go The Rooftop Door Of Infirmary

This is rooftop is located in the Blood Of The Dead map. to get there you need to go from West Grounds to the Catwalk.

Once you reach the Catwalk go to the Recreation Yard and enter the Cell Block Entrance. from here just go to Times Square and there you will find a Cafeteria. from the Cafeteria go to the Infirmary and move upstairs to the Rooftop.

Use The Spirit Blast On the Electric Chair

Once you reach the rooftop of the Infirmary, you will be able to see the Electric Chair at the end of the roof.

Get near the chair and you will be able to see a meter next to it. you need to charge this meter. so just equip your spectral shield, aim the meter and press the interactive button to shoot the spirit blast.

This will release a blue ghost and soon a lighting will strike bringing down the Pack-a-Punch machine in the chair location.

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