Don’t Starve Together – How To Craft A Shadow Manipulator

Don't Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together has now arrived on all major platforms like PS4, Xbox One, PC and more. it is an indie open-world roguelike survival horror game where players need to team up with another player and survive the unforgiving harsh environment.

In the game, players need to gather different resources to craft weapons, structures and more to survive and unravel the mysteries of this strange land.

How To Craft A Shadow Manipulator In Don’t Starve Together

While progressing through the game you will need to craft many different items and device. some are easy and some are pretty hard.

The Shadow Manipulator is one of the many devices you can craft but the resources required to craft one is pretty hard to find. so in this guide, you will learn how to find and collect all the resources easily to craft.

What is a Shadow Manipulator – it is a structure located in the magic tab which can unlock the second tier of the magic tab.

Perks Of Crafting a Shadow Manipulator – it lets you craft the following items.

  • Bat bat – it is a weapon that deals 42.5 damage per hit and steals 6.8 health. It has 75 uses and makes you lose 3.4 sanities.
  • Belt of hunger – a body slot item which slows your hunger drain by 40%, and gives 2 sanities a minute. it lasts 8 days before breaking.
  • Dark sword – it is a weapon that deals 68 damage. it drains your sanity by 20/min and has 100 uses.
  • Fire Staff – sets the target on fire, it has 20 uses and when used you lose 1 sanity.
  • Night armor –  Absorbs 95% of damage dealt to you, and can absorb a total of 525 health points. it drains your sanity by 10/min.
  • Nightmare amulet – it makes you instantly insane when you wear it but if you remove it makes you get your sanity back. wearing it causes more nightmare creatures to spawn.
  • Telelocator staff – when you use it on a mob or yourself teleports it to a random place on the map. you lose 50 sanities.
  • Telelocator focus – with this structure you can use the Telelocator staff to focus a target and teleport it.

How To Craft Shadow Manipulator

To craft this structure you will need the following items

  • 1 purple gem.
  • 3 living logs.
  • 7 nightmare fuel.

But before that, you will need to unlock and have access to Tier 1 Magic Recipes. you can find it in the magic tab. to unlock it first you will need to get a science machine to craft the prestihatitator. this item needs the following items.

  • 4 rabbits.
  • 4 boards.
  • A top hat.

Now you will have access to the Tier 1 Magic recipes. all you need to do now is collect the necessary resources for Shadow Manipulator.

How To Get The Purple Gem In Don’t Starve Together
  • Can be found in Tumbleweed very rare.
  • Clock bishops also have the purple gem. you can find them in clockwork set pieces, or repair a bishop statue and mine it during a full moon.

Crafting Purple Gem

You can craft it by using 1 red gem, 1 blue gem and then crafting it at the prestihatitator tab. the best way to get both the red and blue gem is by digging up graves.

How To Get Living Logs In Don’t Starve Together
  • Chopping totally normal trees. totally normal trees are found in evergreen forests.
  • Killing poison birchnuts you can spawn them by cutting down birchnut trees but remember they don’t always spawn.
  • Killing tree guards will give you 6 living logs. but finding and fighting them can be troublesome. you can spawn them by planting many trees together, and chopping them when they are all grown up.
How To Get Nightmare Fuel In Don’t Starve Together
  • Go insane and kill as many shadow creatures you want.
  • Collect Evil flowers and refine it into nightmare fuel, you will need either collect if from an Evil Flower farm or in Tumbleweeds.
  • Kill Splumonkeys during nightmare phase you can find them in the ruins.
  • Kill nightmares that spawn during nightmare phase you can find them in the ruins.
  • Killing poison birchnuts, you can spawn them by cutting down birchnut trees but remember they don’t always spawn

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