MapleStory 2 – How To Earn Money And Level Up Fast

MapleStory 2

MapleStory 2 has been finally arrived on PC by Developer Nexon Korea Corporation and Publisher Nexon America Inc. it is an open world MMORPG game based on the popular game MapleStory.

You will be able to explore a colorful 3D landscapes to explore with your own created character which you can customize with a wide range of variations. you will also be able to fight many new and familiar enemies plus tons of exciting boss battles.

How To Earn Money And Level Up Fast In MapleStory 2

To make your character more powerful you will need a high level and a high amount of money to buy new items.

As the game does not explain everything properly in this guide you will learn how different mechanics revolving about level and Money making works.

Below you will find some quick and easy method which you can utilize to earn some quick money and level easily.

Earning Money

Black Market – it will become one of your main source of earning quick and easy money. if you are not using any item and it is just sitting in your inventory then you sell them on the black market. the higher the rarity of an item the more money it will fetch from the market.

Story Quests – To progress through the game you need to complete the quests but doing them will also give you tons of XP and Money.

Create Design – this method is not really reliable but if you have a creative side then you can design items and upload them to the store. if anyone buys it you will earn Merits.

Premium Players – as a premium user you will be able to get black market discounts and get free helicopter rides which will save a decent amount of money.

Premium Dungeons – these are solo dungeons which are available once a day. upon successful completion, you earn a maximum of 250,000.

Leveling Up

Story mode – this will be one of your primary method of earning experience points which will help you level up fast.

Mini Games – apart from completing main and side missions you can participate in Minigames. there are quiz, race, dance and more which you take part in every half hour. aim to complete them whenever you can to earn some quick XP.

Map Exploration – Throughout the map, you will be able to find many exploration goals. you should aim to complete these goals as if you succeed you will able to earn a couple hundred thousand XP and if you are lucky you can even find treasures.

Music – this is one of the features is the game which you can utilize to earn some work free XP points. the best way to do it is to collect merits and then use the autoplay function to go AFK, soon you will be able to level up trait which will let you earn tons of XP.

Dungeons – If you want some decent amount of XP then you should focus on doing Dungeons. sometimes they are easy and sometimes they are hard. but if you complete them successfully you can earn a lot of XP easily.

Premium Players – as mentioned if you are premium player you would be able to earn 20 % exp boost when hunting monsters.

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