Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – How To Gain Level Quickly

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. it will be the twentieth edition in the AC series and will be an open world story rich action adventure game where players play as an assassin.

The story of the game is set in 431 BCE, it is based on a fictional history of Peloponnesian War where you will be able to side with two factions the Delian League led by Athens or the Peloponnesian League, led by Sparta.

How To Gain Level Quickly In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

In the latest AC game, you will be able to gain XP points and help your character level up as it will affect a major part of your gameplay.

A low level will make you not being able to participate in certain quests, wield certain weapons and unable to fight higher level mercenaries and bosses.

Below you will find some methods which you can utilize to gain experience points and level up quickly to fight the enemies.

Side Quests

At early to mid-level of the game you will be able to gain a decent amount of XP from completing side quests. when you are early into the game you will be able to gain one level for completing at least 4-5 side quests.

But once you have reached a high level the side quest does not offer much XP which can then become tedious as the reward for completing side quest do not scale they pretty much become missions for entertainment.

So if you are in the early or mid game or are below level 30 then focus on doing all the side quests as the will help you level up faster, plus you would also gain gold, resources, and clues to the cultists.

Conquest Battle

The conquest battle is very similar to the long main mission and also award XP similar to them. these missions make you play either the defending side or the invading side which you can choose.

In this combat, you should always choose the invading side as it rewards better XP. but these can be unusually time taking as you will have to bring down the region’s power by burning war supplies, killing soldiers of the faction and pillaging the nation’s treasure.

You can avoid all of this by uncovering every sub-region on the map. this will let you see the regions which are already weak which means you now just have to battle with the invading party and win and this will give you a massive amount of XP.

Message Board Contracts

You should always check the message board contracts in the ship and in the town. these contracts ask you to complete very basic missions but awards pretty good amount of XP.

Also, a thing to note is that this XP reward scales with your level and if you’re lucky then you will find a similar contract in two different places and if you complete it you will gain XP from both the contracts.

So it is recommended that you always check them and accept them all of them. you don’t even have to worry about completing them. you can just progress through your game and they will get completed automatically as the majority of these contracts are related to everything you do in the main mission.

Arena And Fort

Arena fights also reward you with a decent amount of XP based on your performance. so you should do it if you want some quick amount of XP.

The forts also reward some amount of XP, you can just complete all Objectives given to you and you will get your reward. it is recommended that you equip gears which lets you kill enemies quickly and easily.

XP Boosters

It may not be everyone choice but if you want to save some time and want to fight those hulk like mercenaries and other bosses then you can purchase XP boosters.

The booster offers two deals

  • A 25% Temporary Booster for 2 Hours which can be purchased for 10 Uplay Points in Ubisoft Club. It’ can only be purchased one time.
  • A 50% Permanent XP Boost which can be purchased for 1000 Helix Credits through the in-game Ubisoft Store.

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