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Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has been finally released on Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. it will be the eleventh major installment and the sequel to the AC Origins.

Just like most AC games it too would be an open-world action-adventure game and you will play as an Assassin in Ancient Greece. you would be able to make your own decision to join any faction and shape your story.

Location Of All The Cultists In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

While progressing the game you will find many different enemies like mercenaries, animals, and soldiers.

The Cultist is one of the class of enemies which you kill to get close to their leader. there are a total of 42 Cultists and each of them is scattered throughout the in-game world map.

Below you will find the details of all the cultist branch and the location of all the individual cultist in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. just note there are some missing cultists which will be updated later.

Eyes of Kosmos Cultists – Left Branch, Top Row
  • Elpenor – Story Mission cannot be missed.
  • Sotera – inside the Fort of Megaris, the fort is present in below Boeotia. once there use the eagle to scan for her, she will have a golden crown icon and is mostly on the right side of the Fort or walking around the docks.
  • The Master – he needs to be unlocked, so complete the “A Life’s Worth” Side Quest(in Attika Region, you must do all Sokrates side quests). you will him at the most southern part of Attika between the Fast Travel Point “Tower of Sounion” and the Silver Mountain. use eagle and look for him.
  • Hermippos – you need to complete the Free Speech Side Quests(Attika Region, must do all side quests). you will be able to kill him during the quests.
  • Midas – you can find him at the Argolis Region, near the north-west section of this region.
  • Nyx the Shadow – you can her standing at the south-east side of Attika city.
The Silver Vein Cultists – Left Branch, Middle Row

Epiktetos the Forthcoming – story mission cannot be missed.

The Chimera – On Andros Island present on the right side of Attika. you will find him at the most southern part of the island in “Beach Encampment” location.

The Centaur of Euboea – On Euboea Island present in the northeast side of Attika. you will have him unlocked as soon as you get the Cultist List in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

The Silver Griffin – On Prasonisia Island present on the south-east side of Attika, near Mykonos. use your eagle eye and look for him at the ruins.

Delian League Cultists (Left Branch, Bottom Row)

Podarkes the Cruel – before you find him you need complete the side quest “Trouble in Paradise” on the island Mykonos present south-east from Attika if you can’t find this quest then may already have it in your chest logs. this will unlock “Hades, Meet Podarkes” quest. on this quest, you need to kill Podarkes who is marked by a purple icon. he is not available outside this quest.

Rhexenor the Hand – story kill in the main quest “A-Musing Tale”. you can find it the northern part of the Attika City.

Iobates the Stoic – On Lemnos Island present in the northeast direction from Attika. on the island, you need to go to the western part in “Desecrated Sanctuary”.

Kodros the Bull – On Lesbos Island, do the Chip on Your Shoulder Side Quest. you can kill him during the quest.

Kleon the Everyman – On the most northeastern part of Makedonia. here you get an Automatic Kill in Sequence 8 at the very end of the sequence.

Heroes of the Cult Cultists – Right Branch, Top Row

Pallas the Silencer – you will find him during the conquest battle in Achaia. you need to fight for Athens (blue flag) and invade the spartan region. halfway through the battle quest, you will find him.

Deianeira – you can find him during the Main Quest “The Fall of Deianeira” in the north-west of Boeotia. you will get an automatic story kill in Sequence 7.

Swordfish – On Messaria during the Side Quest “Myths and Minotaurs”. on the eastern side of this region you will find an underwater cave where the quest takes place. you will get to kill him here.

Okytos the Great – you will find him at Temple of Poseidon present in the most southern point of Attika. you will unlock him as soon as you get the cultist list in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Exekias the Legend –  you will find him at the Olouros Fortress present in the eastern side of Achaia. you will find him in the middle of the fort.

Worshippers of the Bloodline Cultists – Right Branch, Middle Row
  • Melite – On Messaria Island, you will find him at Kresilas’s Residence present on the western side of this region.
  • Harpalos – On Keos Island you will find him south-east from Attika.
  • Zoisme – Can be found in Phokis, on top of the northeastern mountain in Grand Mount Parnassos.
  • Diona -complete the “I, Diona” Sidequest on Kythera Island. you will need to complete all the quests for Diona.
  • Chrysis – On Argolis region, you need to complete the Death Comes to Us All Side Quest.
Gods of the Aegean Sea Cultists – Right Branch, Bottom Row
  • The Mytilenian Shark – you can find him on a ship which patrols between Samos island and Kos island. the sail of the ship has purple sails and a golden crown icon like other cultists. the ship is named The Mytilenian Shark.
  • Melanthos – you can find him on a ship that patrols the western side of Messara island. the ship has a golden cultist symbol.
  • Sokos – you will find during the conquest battle on Melos Island (Obsidian Islands). his ship is called the “Sokos” and has brown sails with a golden crown icon.
  • Asterion – you will find him on a ship between Skyros and Andros island. the ship has a golden crown and he is unlocked as soon as you get the cultist list in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.
  • The Hydra – you will find him on a ship south-west from Lakonia. the ship has red sails and has a golden crown icon.
Peloponnesian League Cultists – Bottom Row
  • Skylax the Fair – you can found him on Euboea Island, on the west coast of this region, you will find at a blue tent. you can use your eagle to find him easily and quickly.
  • Monger – it a story kill and cannot be missed, you will find him at the end of Sequence 5.
  • Lagos the Archon – In Arkadia, you will find at Lagos Of Archon present in north-west part of this region. you can unlock him in Main Quest “To Kill or Not to Kill” in Story Sequence 7.
  • Kallias – you can find in Elis, here you need to go to Kallias present in the eastern side of this region. he is the part of the Olympic questline in Sequence 7, in the sub-quest “The Long Game”.
  • Pausanias – In Lakonia, you can kill him during Main Quest “A Bloody Feast” in Sequence 7.
Cultist Leader
  • Deimos – you can find him at the at end of Story, Sequence 9.
  • Cultist Leader (Ghost of Kosmos)

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