Forza Horizon 4 – How To Earn Influence Points Quickly

Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4, the eleventh installment of the Forza Series has been released on PC and Xbox. the latest edition has been Published by Microsoft Studios and Developer Playground Games.

It is an open world racing game set in fictional United Kingdom map and comes with a dynamic weather system which can change the layout of the terrain. you will also find more than 450 licensed cars from major companies like Jaguar, Ford, Bently and more.

How To Earn Influence Points Quickly In Forza Horizon 4

Throughout your gameplay, you will need to complete certain requirements to unlock new events, house, cars and more.

Influence points are one of the mechanics in the game which you need to earn by doing various activities. so in this guide, you will learn how to earn them fast.

Below you will find some methods you can use to farm more influence points easily and quickly to progress through the game.

Exploring The Open World

The game offers a massive fictional map of the United Kingdom where you can just drive around an earn influence points. you can use this opportunity to locate barn finds, new house, beautiful locations and boost your points.

Collect More Cars

If you like collecting cars in Forza then this would be a plus for you as adding more new cars to your collections gives you more influence points. so you can just go around the map looking for activities which reward you with new cars or build up credits to purchase new cars and earn Influence points easily.

Complete Events And Other Activities On Map

Throughout the map, you will find many different types of race and events which will have you race against other players or just complete certain objectives. doing this will give some amount of influence.

Watching Mixer Streams

Microsoft is fully leveraging its game to promote its own video platform Mixer and just like many games you can connect the new Forza with Mixer.

Once you have connected them both you can either stream the game or just watch other streams. doing this will reward you with some extra Influence points. so just start the stream and leave it alone and farm points

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