Forza Horizon 4 – How To Get More Wheelspins And Super Wheelspins

Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 has been finally released on PC and Xbox by Publisher Microsoft Studios and Developer Playground Game. it will be the fourth major title in Horizon and the eleventh main game in the franchise.

In the game, you will find over 450 licensed cars which will include both classic and modern vehicles. you will also be able to buy new houses and unlock new items and in-game perks. apart from that, you will find a multiplayer server which supports up to 72 players.

How To Get More Wheelspins And Super Wheelspins In Forza Horizon 4

There are many different rewards you can earn in the game by performing and completing many different activities present in the game.

One of those rewards is the Wheelspins and Super Wheelspins which randomly gives a user a reward from a list. these rewards can emote, credits, vehicles upgrade or a super expensive car.

Below you will find the list of some easy methods you can use to earn some Wheel And Super Wheelspins.

Car Levelling/Mastery

All the vehicles have a Mastery system which can be unlocked by earning skill points. the points can be earned by performing tricks, finishing races, and doing other stuff. once you have the points you can use it upgrade your vehicle with the new Wheel And Super wheelspins.

The best strategy would be to earn the skill points and focus it on one car. once it is fully upgraded use it to earn a maximum amount of points and then use the points on other vehicles.

Complete Activities in My Horizon Life

There are many different types of races and activities you can complete in the My Horizon Life. if you are still unaware of it you can find this section in the main menu. there you will find all of them.

Taking part and completing them rewards you with experience point and other rewards. you can individually check each event and find information about what will be the reward for an event.

If you find the Wheel and Super Wheelspins reward in a event information. then just complete it and you will receive it.

Getting New House

There are several houses present in the game which you can buy. most of these houses can give you free wheelspin. just remember that the houses are super expensive so if you want the wheels, be ready to speed some fortune.

Below you can find the list of all the wheelspins and super wheelspins you can get from buying a house.

  • Edinburgh Castle – Price 15,000,000 – 10x Super Wheelspins
  • Bamburgh Castle – Price 10,000,000 – 10x Super Wheelspins
  • Fairlawn Manor – Price 2,000,000 – 10x Super Wheelspins
  • Derwent Mansion – Price 1,500,000 – 5x Super Wheelspins
  • The Huntsman’s Lodge – Price 750,000 – 3x Super Wheelspins
  • Castleview Road – Price 750,000 – 3x Super Wheelspins
  • Thatch Corner – Price 500,00 – 2x Super Wheelspins
  • Kingfisher Cottage – Price 350,000 – 1x Wheelspins
  • Croftdale farm – Price 200,000 – 1x Super Wheelspins
  • Sunflower Meadows – Price 200,000 – 1x Super Wheelspins

You can find the location of all the house in the guide below

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