Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Jamandi Aldori Statue/ Prologue Puzzle

Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Pathfinder: Kingmaker has been finally released by Publisher Deep Silver and Developer Owlcat Games. it is an isometric single-player role-playing game where the players will have to control many different characters.

In the game, you will find a party of characters who are on an adventure to the Stolen Lands to start their own new Kingdom. you will conquer many different regions and build new strongholds. apart from that, you will also need to make decisions which shape your own story.

Jamandi Aldori Statue/ Prologue Puzzle In Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Throughout the game, you will be able to unlock many different secrets by completing missions and solving different puzzles.

One of the puzzles you will find is right at the beginning of the game in Jamandi Aldori’s mansion. here you will find an optional puzzle which when solved opens two secret rooms.

The puzzle is quite hard to solve and even the game does not offer any proper instructions. so In this guide, you will learn how to solve the puzzle easily and open both the secret doors.

Numbering The Statues

First to make things easier we will name the statues in numerical order.

The left/ upper room which has four statues. we will number the statues from the left-hand side which will be as follows.

  • First statue – 1
  • Second Statue – 2
  • Third Statue – 3
  • Fourth statue – 4

Now in right/ lower room which has two room. we will again number the statues from the left-hand side.

  • First Statue – 5
  • Second Statue – 6

To open the room in the left/ upper room you will need to click on the statue in the following order.

  • Left/ Upper secret door – 3(sword up), 6(both statue sword up), 4(sword down), 3(sword up), 5(both sword up)

Once you have opened the upper room, you will be able to open the right/ lower room, you will need to click on the statue in the following order.

  • Right/ Lower secret door – 6(both sword down), 1(all sword in the upper room down)

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