Star Control: Origins – Location Of All The Starbases

Star Control: Origins

Star Control: Origins has been released on PC by Publisher and Developer Stardock Entertainment. it is an indie sci-fi space adventure game where players are tasked with leading earth’s first interstellar starship to fight against the incoming alien invasion.

Players will be able to travel through many different universes, explore new planets and meet new alien lives who can either become your great allies or terrible enemies. while exploring you will also learn about new technologies which will improve your spaceship.

Location Of All The Starbases In Star Control: Origins

In the game, you will be able to upgrade your ship with new weapons and other devices which will make your fleet more powerful.

Star Bases are some of the locations where you will be able to get new upgrades and use them on your ships. there are a total of eleven different starbases, some of them are close to each other and some are spread across space.

Below you will find the name to the bases and their location. this way you will be able to get all those juicy upgrades.

  • Chrome Expanse – Alpha Domos
  • Erroneous Vector – Beta Ishikawa B
  • Fluorescent Approach – Mu Wendigo
  • Greater Void Starbase – near Delta Pavo
  • Inner Source Starbase – near Sol
  • Monitor Deep – Beta Llvoren
  • Origin Survey – Alpha Gladius A
  • Perilous Range – Alpha Acroix
  • Sanctum Starbase – Delta Xiphios A
  • Spur Entry Starbase – Kappa Jutinim
  • Vacant Fortress – Beta Uxor

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