Cross Code – Guide On Combat, Skills, Items And More

Cross Code

Cross Code has finally been released by Publisher Deck 13, Whisper Game, Dangen Entertainment, and Developer Radical Fish Games. it is a retro 2D Action RPG set in the distant future.

In Cross Code, players will be able to play over 50 hours of gameplay. explore seven unique areas and many hidden areas. you will be able to master over 100 combat arts and passive skills and fight over 120 different enemies.

Guide On Combat, Skills, Items And More In Cross Code

Throughout the game, you will have to survive through many different levels and fight many different enemies and bosses.

As the game allows in-depth character customization, in this guide, you will find some basic information which will let you create your own good strategy.

Below you will find some basic mechanics about actions, skills, item and more which will help you improve your gameplay in Cross Code.

Basics Of 4 Combat Actions

Melee – It will be your fastest combat action and also deals significantly higher damage than other actions. Higher level melee arts offers good damage and offensive dodges which will make your character a deadly killing machine.

Range – it is good but you should try to avoid it as it offers no base stun, makes you slow, DPS shooting can heat up. the only time you should use it is when you are trying to kite an enemy.

Dash – it is fairly better than range attacks but inferior to Melee. the only problem with it is the low damage and the chance of executing it on an enemy is dense combat area. but when it comes to AOE and the utility of its first strike, it is the best.

Shield – you should always learn the shielding, perfect guards, and Guard arts. if you are able to master them then you will be able to target stun for almost 3 seconds, you will receive no damage, and also receive extra SP to your bar.

All 5 Lea Forms

Lea has a total of five forms, 1 normal state and four different form which are heat, ice, wave, shock. below you will learn about each of them.

Normal Form – this is Lea’s most weak form but it comes with very unique stats like Bullseye, X Counter, Pin Body, HP regen and more which if used properly can be used to build up SP with DPS shots.

The best skills you can use in this form is the guard art Blade Sphere/Guard Sphere. it is very useful as it can be transferd into any form and without damage penalty. it bascially makes you immune to stun, gives damage reduction and also a spinning blades all for about 8 seconds.

The best part it that you can activate it and then switch form and enjoy the passive effects making it very effective.

Heat Form – This form is good if you like aggressive playstyle and damage. the down side is it does not offer any utility and leave flaming AoE’s or mines on the ground. also the passive it not really good either.

The best way to use it is with Lazor Arts as it confers alot of safe height and the melee art on Tier 2 is also a lot faster and useful. in this mode, you can use the Avenger passive which is the best passive in this mode.

Ice Form – This form is more on a defensive side which is better than your own normal guard. you can create ice walls and prison to block ranged attacks and damages enemies that walk on it. this form also lets you pin body percent damage and has a chill stat which reduces enemy attack speed.

The best way to use it to pick up any art that will help you create ice walls as the walls do not fade away from when you switch form

Shock Form – Coming Soon

Wave Form – Coming Soon

Skills And How To Use

You can use various skills to increase your damage output apart from that you can also perform aggressive dodges which will protect you and also simultaneously deal damage to your enemy. you can learn more about them below.

The three mechanics in the game.

Pin Down – if you hit an enemy with a tier 2-3 skill and deal enough damage they will get pinned down which will stop them moving onto their next phases. you can use these mechanics on bosses to make them stop going into their next phase.

Pin up – if you hit an enemy with a melee 2-3 art then in most likely both you and your target will be up in the air. while in the air the enemy is will be still on lockdown and until they land they won’t lose the lockdown. you can use it to your advantage in Cross Code.


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