Star Control: Origins – 30+ Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Star Control: Origins

Star Control: Origins has been released by Developer and Publisher Stardock Entertainment. it is an indie action simulation and management game where players will command Earth’s first interstellar starship.

In the game, you will be able to explore a vast space system, meet new alien species, upgrade your ships and weapons and fight the invasive aliens.

30+ Tips And Tricks For Beginners In Star Control: Origins

As it is a simulation and management game it comes with a lot of mechanics and features which might be confusing.

So in this guide, you will learn about tips and tricks to navigate the space, collect resources and fight against alien forces.

Below you will find all the tips and tricks which will help you be the conqueror of the space by creating your own space empire.

Gameplay Tips for Star Control: Origins

While exploring the Hyperspace you will be able to see undiscovered Space Stations and solar system on your minimap but you won’t be able to see them on the global map. they will only become visible on global map when you dock and activate them.

You can mark important places on your Global Map by using markers of various colors and even rename them. you can do this by clicking on the crosshair icon when selecting a solar system. once marked or renamed they will be listed on the right side of the Map.

When you discover new space stations, a new purchasable part unlocks and becomes unavailable in space stations and most traders.

Visit all the traders as some trader sell unique items sold only by them and you won’t find them anywhere.

Going inside a star does not damage you while navigating a solar system. you will just bounce off or scan the star if on the manual drive. but if you are on autopilot you will just pass through.

While traveling in Hyperspace the fuel consumption is calculated per-meter traveled. so if you have faster spacecraft it does not mean it will consume less fuel. but instead, it will consume fuel faster in a shorter amount of time.

If you stand still in Hyperspace you will not consume any fuel.

If you run out of fuel in Hyperspace a friendly spaceship will be called to rescue you. but this leaves you in a vulnerable position.

Resource Collection And Management – Star Control: Origins

If a planet has low-value resources which are represented in Blue, Red, or deep-purple-ish icons. then don’t waste time there as you won’t earn any profit from them. you should focus on planets which have 5 per unit resources which will definitely earn you some profit.

You can easily check the per unit of a resource found on a Planet by placing your mouse pointer over the resource in the list on the right when orbiting a planet.

Remember the interface does not show the threat/danger level of a planet. so always check it before landing on a planet. you can do it by placing the mouse pointer on the environmental threat bar while orbiting the planet. if you see the danger level of 10 of either toxicity and heat then it means it is deadly.

The planets with high danger/threat level also have a high amount of rare and precious resources which are extremely profitable.

Most of the quests require you to find mid-tier rare items and resources which are represented in Green, Gold and Bright pink.

When you find a planet with Unidentified Structures, always land on it as there is a chance of finding powerful modules or large quantities of money.

There are two types of lighting on certain planets. the electrical storm which is large and has a giant AOE and fast lighting which occurs at regular interval. the electrical storm will damage the lander but fast lighting won’t.

Try to avoid volcanic planets all cost as they are very random and a single fireball can damage your lander.

Be careful around planets with Security Drones or Turrets as they can damage your ship. but these planets also have some good resources so it worth a try.

Combat – Star Control: Origins

Be careful of the green edge in a combat area as it can damage both you and your enemy.

Once a combat starts it will always result in someone dying and nobody can escape it.

If you are traveling between two ends of a Wormhole it will become a beam of light and becomes immune to any attack. but in this state, it cannot attack.

Ramming into enemy ships do not deal any damage.

If you are struggling in the game then you should avoid fights at all cost because even if you win it you will gain very small money and most of the time no other rewards.

Some weapons explode on the release of the mouse click. if you too are experiencing it, then just hold the mouse button down and release it when you want it to explode.

If any fleet ship is destroyed you can just select the next one to continue your fight but if your main ship the Vindicator is destroyed in combat then it would mean game over.

Creating Your Fleet Of Ships – Star Control: Origins

Avoid buying ships from the space station at all cost as they will cost a lot of money.

You can get free ships by asking any allied-faction ship or Homeworld. this will give at least 2-3 ships. you can also find derelict ships on different planets which will be added to your fleet.

While acquiring a ship you should look for two stats. first is the Crew represented in green dots which is the HP and the second is the damage it can deal.

Ships which cannot enter your fleet because of low space are placed in space stations and you can get them whenever you want.

Always choose long-range weapons for your ship as it will help you win more easily. short-range weapons are also good but they put your spacecraft in a risky position.

Certain spaceships from certain species can create a hostile environment when can create problems. so consider it create a proper composition.

Installation of Upgrades and Modules

The deflector damage resistance on main ship stacks with Fleet Deflector damage resistance. but the same does not happen for other ships. you can use this to your advantage and decrease damage.

Upgrades like Lander Thermal, Toxic and Physical resistance stack together which means you install multiple such upgrades and increase your ship resistance.

Hyper Drive and Engine drive upgrades depend on you as they only affect the speed of the ship. but remember having a speedy spaceship can give you the edge when the enemies are chasing you.

You should maintain a cargo capacity of at least 2000 this will always keep you ready.

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