Glare1more – Guide On Keywords And Passwords To Progress


Glare1more has been released by developer and publisher Kurenaibook. it is an indie adventure game where players need to enter words to bring out the hidden story in the game.

Your goal is to enter specific words to bring out new scence and then use them to construct a possible conversation.

Guide On Keywords And Passwords To Progress In Glare1more

In the game, you will need to find certain keywords and password to progress through the story of the game and get the achievement.

There are a total of 57 Keywords and 3 passwords. when you search enter a specific word in the search bar. it will trigger a scence, some of them are connected to the story and some are just filers.

Below you will find the specific Keywords present in the game and passwords. just note that some words are missing which will be updated once we find them.

  1. glare
  2. care
  3. hint
  4. nanocorona
  5. ourcompany
  6. europiumcompany
  7. email
  8. desk
  9. notebookpc
  10. monitor
  11. *room
  12. kitchen
  13. bed
  14. bookshelf
  15. television
  16. goodnight
  17. bathroom
  18. ingredients
  19. sweets
  20. children’sbook
  21. hentai
  22. animalprogram
  23. *program
  24. penguin
  25. rankingnow
  26. sceneryoftheworld
  27. blacksheet
  28. underground
  29. landscape
  30. moonprision
  31. rosé
  32. pulque
  33. tearsofthemoon
  34. horrorstory
  35. movietheater
  36. simplegift
  37. statenews
  38. error
  39. *moon
  40. calendar
  41. secondmoon
  42. earth
  43. nanoseries
  44. cardboard
  45. standbymode
  46. sexualharrasement
  47. music
  48. work
  49. instandfood
  50. shameless
  51. sleepmode

With these keywords, you will be able to understand most of the story and once you ask glare about the second moon and earth, ask her to search aqua blue. this will trigger the final scene and now you need to enter the passwords.

The 3 passwords you need to enter are listed below. this will reboot glare.

  • Your username.
  • Rosé.
  • Your favorite food which you mentioned to glare when you were in the kitchen.

Doing the above will give you your ending.

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