Escape From The Princess – All Endings And 100% Achievements

Escape From The Princess

Escape From The Princess has been released by Developer Salamandra88 and Publisher 7DOTS. it is an indie visual novel game in which Rosetta, a town girl dream of becoming a magician but she isn’t cut out for it but soon she meets a witch and her life completely changes.

Through the gameplay, you will be able to make key decisions which will shape the relations between Rosetta and Zara the Witch which will shape your endings of the game.

All Endings And 100% Achievements In Escape From The Princess

Just like most visual novel games, in this game too you will be able to make certain decisions which will give you a specific ending.

So in this guide, you will how to get all the eight endings and also unlock all the twenty achievements easily.

Below you will find the full walkthrough of the game which will unlock all the achievement and endings present in Escape From The Princess.

Route #1

Start a new Game.

  • Tell her about meeting the Princess
  • Ask about the Princess
  • Ask her about her past
  • Tell Zara about yourself

Create Save #1

  • Persuade her for the truth
  • I’m doing it for the medallion

Create Save #2

  • Don’t get distracted ( This will give you the Un-picky costumer achievement)

Create Save #3

  • Wait until it flies away ( This will give unlock a new achievement)
Alternative Choices In Route #1

Load Save #2

  • Watch the performance ( This will unlock the Junk Woman achievement)
  • You look gorgeous! ( This will unlock the Long awaited messenger achievement)
  • Wait until it flies ( This will unlock the To help the ones is love and Unlucky gateway achievement)

Load Save #3

  • Drive the pigeon away ( This will unlock the Pigeon Avenger achievement)
Route #2

Load Save #1

  • Trust her and leave Zara alone

Create Save #4

  • I want adventure

Create #5

  • Don’t get distracted ( This will unlock Sweet Tea and Romantic Stroll across the roof achievement)
  • Then, perhaps you should stop running?
  • Everyone has their own duties, and we can’t forsake them
  • What you did was a crime. ( This will unlock the Caterwaul achievement)

Create Save #6

  • Remind her of her duty to the people

Create Save #7

  • Agree ( This will unlock the Heroic Witch achievement )
Alternative Choice For Route #2

Load Save #6

  • Do nothing ( This will unlock the Penpal buds achievement)

Load Save #7

  • Refuse ( This will unlock the royal supplier of Veggies achievement)
Route #3

Load Save #4

  • I just want to help you
  • Don’t get distracted
  • Everyone deserves freedom ( this will unlock the watch the sunset together achievement)
  • You shouldn’t have to condemn yourself to a life without happiness. ( this will unlock the First Kiss and Passionate embrace achievements)
  • I can’t judge you
  • Do nothing ( This will unlock the Night Swin achievement)

Create Save #8

  • Try to persuade Zara ( This will unlock the Escape to the lands of sands achievements)
Alternative Choices For Save #3

Load save #5

  • Watch the performance
  • You look like an ordinary dancer
  • Everyone deserves freedom
  • You shouldn’t have to condemn yourself to a life without happiness
  • I can’t judge you
  • Do nothing ( This will unlock the Kiss under the cart achievement)

Load save #8

Try to escape with Elise ( This will unlock the Run away from yourself achievement)

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