60 Parsecs! – Tips And Tricks To Survive The Space

60 Parsecs!

60 Parsecs! has been released by Publisher and Developer Robot Gentleman. it is an indie adventure and strategy game with small RPG components. players are placed in a space station which is about to explode.

In the game, you will lead a crew of astronauts and scavenge resources, explore and craft new materials, survive the empty space and make important decisions within 60 seconds.

Tips And Tricks To Survive The Space In 60 Parsecs!

Through the game, you will need to survive at all cost. you will need to collect resources and also make difficult decisions to progress.

As the game involves many different mechanics, in this guide, you will learn about some tips and tricks to increase your survival chance in 60 Parsecs!.

Keep Crafting and Recycling – Make sure that you are either crafting or recycling useless items to create more food or other useful items.

Do Spacewalks – Always take your crew on spacewalks whenever you can so that you can gather resources as hoard them for future purposes.

When To Feed Crew – Feed your crew only when you reach they reach the starving state because if you do it in any other state you will just waste the food.

How Frequent You Need To Feed – You can feed them crew every five days as a person can survive 4 days without water, and usually 9 days without food.

Scavenge Carefully – Only go out scavenging if the fallout is gone and you have at least 4 bottles of water and 3 cans of soup

Best Captain – Emmet Ellis is probably the best character in the game. he has better stats then other characters and has a special ability called Experimental which generates a small number of materials which is very useful.

Make Friends – Always start with a good speech and become friends with other crew immediately. this will make them loyal to you. if there are not loyal to you then they will refuse to go out in scavenging missions which will make the game for difficult.

Manage Resources – In the early phase of the game when you don’t have enough resources take only 1 or 2 other people as it would preserve the resources. take them all out only if you can afford to feed them all.

Select proper items – In early phase pick up good items which will increase your chance of survival, for example, some soup and some crafting materials.

Double Intelligence – When you are in need of intelligence material, first select the item you want to recycle and then use rock material on it to upgrade it. then you can recycle it to get double intelligence material.

Cockroaches are Good – Become friends with the cockroaches they are very useful.

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