Ring Of Elysium – How To Download And Play In Unavailable Region

Ring Of Elysium

Ring Of Elysium has been released on steam by Publisher and Developer Tencent Games. it is a new free to play battle royale game where players will be trapped in a snowy mountain and the only way out is killing other players to get on the helicopter.

Just like most battle royale game you will be able to collect weapons, armor and drive vehicles. but this game also comes with other activities like Hand gliding, Snowboarding, and mountaineering.

How To Download And Play In Unavailable Region In Ring Of Elysium

The devs of the game have released their new game but there is only one problem that it is not available in the European Region.

Currently, the game has been released for the US and Asian Countries but the devs have said that in future an international server will be released in which players from all the regions can play together.

But instead of waiting for the release of the new server. you can use the method listed below to play the game even if you are in a restricted/unavailable region.

How To Download – first you need to get a VPN, you can just google any VPN software. just remember that you will need a good one which will be able to hide not only your browser but your entire connection.

One such VPN is NordVPN which has many different features and can easily mask your entire internet connection.

Setting Up The VPN – once you have selected your desired VPN, install it and then set the connection to either US or Asia.

Downloading ROE – now keep the VPN activated and go to the ROE steam page from the bootlegger. to do this simply navigate to the Steam page through your browser or just click the ROE link.

If you have done everything properly you will see the steam page, now just download it. you will notice that the download speed is way too low. this is because of the VPN.

To speed up the process just let the downloading start and then just disable the VPN.

How To Start The Game – once the game is downloaded and installed. activate the VPN and log into the game. once you get into the game you can turn off the VPN and enjoy the new battle royale.

Note – as there is still no official server you game performance might get affected and frankly there is nothing you can do about it.

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