Destiny 2 – Iron Banner Season 4 Armor And Weapons

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has been released on all major platforms by Publisher Activision and Developer Bungie. in the latest iteration, players will be able to take part in many different events, quests and PVP/PVE modes.

The third major DLC Forsaken adds new weapons, new abilities, new enemy class, a whole new story and new PVP/PVE modes like Breakthrough and Gambit.

Iron Banner Season 4 Armor And Weapons In Destiny 2

The iron banner season 4 has started and the devs have added more new armors for each Guardian class and six new legendary weapons.

How To Get Them – you can get these items by completing bounties given out by Lord Saladin, this will unlock the purchasing options and then you use the Legendary shards and Iron Banner Tokens to buy the items for Saladin.

Below you will find the list of all the armor and weapons released for Season 4 Iron Banner. all the weapons details and how the armor looks.


The season 4 has released many different armor pieces and each of them comes in distinct dark red with white colors. also, all the new armor pieces have Iron Remembrance in their names. as the season 4 has just started not many people have the complete set. but below you will be able to see the image released by Bungie.

Destiny 2

Legendary Weapons

In season 4 Bungie has added six new weapons for Iron Banner. all the weapons look like solid armor with black and golden color of them. below you will find about the details about each of them.

Bite Of The Fox –  it is a sniper rifle and comes with Aggressive Frame which means more damage but high recoil.

Breath Of The Dragon – it is an SMG and comes with Lightweight Frame which means faster movement speed and handling when you equip it.

Claws Of The Wolf – it is a pulse rifle and comes with a Rapid-Fire frame which means faster reloads when you empty the magazine and more ammo capacity.

Roar Of The Bear –  it is a rocket launcher and comes with high impact frame which means high damage but low fire rate.

Swarm of The Raven – it is a grenade launcher and comes with an Aggressive Frame which gives it high damage and high recoil.

Talons Of Edge – it is a scout rifle and comes with a high impact frame which decreases fire rate and increases damage. it also increases accuracy when you are standing still and aiming from the scope.

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