Never Split The Party – Guide On All Potions And What They Do

Never Split The Party

Never Split The Party has been released by Developer and Publisher Legend Studios on PC. it is a free to play multiplayer roguelike RPG game where players join other players and adventure around procedurally generated dungeons.

The game comes with over 120 upgrades, 28 different enemies and over 425 room designs spread among 5 procedurally generated dungeon which offers maximum replayability.

Guide On All Potions And What They Do In Never Split The Party

In the game, you will find many different items which you can use to progress through different rooms and levels.

Potions are one of the many items present in the game. there are a total of 21 different potions and all of them have unique effects some are good and some are bad.

Below you will find a list of all the potions present in the game. just remember that this list is useful when you have the Book of Knowledge upgrade which makes all the potions identified.

Good Potions
  • Vigor – Increases health
  • Strength –  Increases damage
  • Quickening – Increases bullet speed
  • Haste – Increases movement speed
  • Blitz – Increase attack speed
  • Entry – Double Keys
  • Molotov – Double bombs
  • Wealth – Doubles Money
  • Vision – Reveals current level map
  • Vitality – gives full health
  • Defense – spawns 2 Armor
Bad Potions
  • Lethargy – decreases down
  • Weakness – decreases damage
  • Latency – decreases Bullet Speed
  • Sloth – decrease movement speed
  • Abeyance – decrease attack speed
  • Refusal – lose all keys
  • Foiled plot – lose all bombs
  • Destitude – lose all coins
  • Teleportation – teleport to any random room
  • Nitroglycerin – spawn 12 live bombs

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