Shadow Of The Tomb Raider – How To Craft Fear And Poison/Lure Arrows

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider has been finally released by Developer Eidos Montreal and Publisher Square Enix on Xbox, PS4 and PC. it is the sequel to the 2015’s Rise Of The Tomb Raider and will also be the twelfth edition in the main series.

In the new game, players will venture through ancient Mayan ruins, survive through the deadly Peruvian Jungle and fight the Trinity who are hell-bent on reshaping the world with a powerful ancient relic.

How To Craft Fear And Poison/Lure Arrows In Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Throughout the game you will be able to collect many different resources from enemies and nearby environment. you can use them to craft weapons and other items.

The Fear And Lure Arrows are some craftable items present in the game. both the weapons are very useful in combat and can help you fight a bunch of enemies easily.

Below you will find a guide on how to craft Fear arrows and Lure Arrows. you will find the required materials and necessary skills.

How To Craft Fear Arrows

The Fear Arrows are one of the many items you can craft in the game to make your arsenal more powerful and effective. to craft this arrow you will need Jaguar’s Fear and the following materials – Silent Arrow, Cloth, and Dart Poison.

You can get the Jaguar’s Fear when you reach the Porvenir Oil Fields area in the story missions. the rest of the materials can be found during the mission while you loot the enemy.

Once you have all the mentioned materials and required skill. just go to the skill menu and then navigate to the red section. there you will find the fear arrow in the second column from the right, it is the one with spiral and starts the arrow icon.

Then just hold the craft button and you will get your Fear Arrows. this particular weapon extremely good when you are surrounded by enemies.

How To Craft Poison/Lure Arrows

The Poison/Lure arrow is another type of arrows you can craft in the game. for this arrow, you will the Viper’s Lure and the following material – Silent Arrows, Cloth and any type of Venom.

You can get the Viper’s Lure once you have unlocked the skill adjacent to it. to unlock Viper’s Lure you will need 2 skill points. it is present in the green section, in the third column from the left. it looks like explosion arrow.

The silent arrow and cloth can be acquired from looting your enemies. the venom can be obtained from any spiders, mushrooms, frogs, or beetles. you will need the Owl’s Meal skill.

Once you have all the item just craft it from the menu and you will get your Lure/Poison arrows

The best thing about this arrow is that you don’t need to hit enemies with it. just shoot it near a bunch of enemies and they will get attracted to it and in a few seconds it will explode releasing a poison gas killing enemies and obstructing their vision.

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