Shadow Of The Tomb Raider – All Challenge Tombs In Mission Of San Juan

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider will be the latest Lara Croft game. it will be the twelfth installment and a sequel to Rise Of The Tomb Raider. the latest edition has been developed by Eidos Montreal and Publisher Square Enix.

The new story takes players in South America where while exploring the ruins Lara accidentally releases a Mayan apocalypse and now she has to stop it to prevent the end of the world.

All Challenge Tombs In Mission Of San Juan In Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Throughout your gameplay, you will come across many different kinds of Challenge tombs which you can clear to gain new skills.

There are a total of nine Challenge Tombs and two of them are present in Mission Of San Juan and both give pretty good skills.

Below you will find the location of both the tombs and the solutions on how you can solve the puzzles present in them.

Tree of Life Tomb In Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Location – go to the south-east of Mission Of San Juan. it is near the Ruined Tower Basecamp and is also the location where you fought the Empress Jaguar.

Note – Before you enter this tomb make sure that you have a lot of fire arrows as you will need it to solve the puzzle.

Solution – get inside the tomb and keeping going down in the underground area. there you will see green gas coming from rocks you will need to use your fire arrows to destroy them and keep moving.

  • 1st gas – it is blocking the climbing path. so just destroy it with fire arrows and move forward.
  • 2nd gas – you will arrive at a wooden barricade, on the left side you need to open the vent blocking the gas. once the gas comes out shoot it with a fire arrow and the obstacles will be cleared.
  • Then keeping moving until you get near the 3rd gas.
  • 3rd gas – just shoot it from the high ground and the swing will come towards you. hop on it quickly.
  • 4th gas – just like the 2nd gas you will need to open the vent blocking the gas and after opening it move to uphill area and from the edge shoot the gas. the swing will come to the top, you need to jump on it and cross the canyon.
  • From here keep moving by following the path and then cut loose the platform. use this platform to get to the other side of the area.
  • 5th gas – after reaching the other side open the vent to release the gas. then drop down below on the first platform and then go to the second platform. from here shoot the gas.
  • 6th gas – after going up from the 5th gas area, you will the 6th gas on the left side. shoot it with a fire arrow and the climb the wall.
  • 7th gas – after climbing the wall, follow the path and you will arrive at the 7th gas location. just open it to release the gas.
  • Then jump down to the platform before the 7th gas and then jump to the second platform and shoot the gas.
  • From here just kill the enemies and climb the wall on the right and keep moving upwards by sticking to the path in the right direction and you will reach the Statue.
  • interact with the statue and you will receive Kinich Ahau’s Boon.

Skill Reward – Kinich Ahau’s Boon, it instantly restores health when you are near death but it has a cooldown.

Thirsty Gods Tomb In Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Location – go to the south-east of Mission of San Juan. it is located on the east of Ruined Tower Base Camp. you will need to cross the water and keeping moving until you reach a giant skull.

Solution – from the entrance of the tomb you will need to dive under the water and get to a room with a skull head sticking out of the water.

Puzzle #1

  • Go to the left side of the skull head and then look up.
  • Shoot the rope arrow and connect it to the wooden barricade and then break it. this will drain the water and reveal the mouth of the skull.
  • enter the mouth and keep moving, then dive into the water and keep moving forward. you will arrive at a crack in the wall.
  • Enter the crack and you will see a raft tied to a rope, cut it, then climb on the raft and the climb up the wall.

Puzzle #2 – you will arrive in a new area filled with water, piranhas and at the corner a big building. here you will need to open the gate to get inside the big building.

  • First get inside the water but don’t get near the piranhas.
  • There cut the two rope tied to the raft and then use it to climb the main area.
  • From here just follow the path until you get to the lever.
  • Just push the lever which will fill the giant bucket with water.
  • Then climb down on the wheeled platform present on the left of the lever.
  • Connect the rope arrow to the anchor hanging below the big building and the beam on the wheel.
  • Climb back to the lever and pull it back on top of the wheel. this will open the gate below the big building.
  • Now just dive underwater and go through the gate.
  • From here just go all the way up and you find the statue.
  • Interact with the statue and you will receive the Sip’s Strike.

Skill Reward – Sips’s Strike, it releases charged Arrows which deals more damage against armored enemies.

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